Cyber bullying By Sarah, bella and oIsÍn

How do you deal with it?

- Talk to someone you trust...


-Report the bullying to the internet service provider

For example, safari

-Contact your mobile provider and ask them to block the bully for you


- Once you have received a inappropriate or hurtful message,or anything over technology, take a screenshot of it and show it to a close family or friend

Consequences for cyber bullying

The bully losing his privileges for example, his phone, iPad, computer and many other things.


The bully could become depressed and lose friends because people don't hang out with a mean person.

The victim will become severely affected by the constant scrutiny and harassment by the cyber bully because the victim cannot escape the consequences.

Trying to escape from the consequences

The victim can lose friends because it's hard to be around someone who is always sad and depressed.

Just walking away...

Who is vulnerable to cyber bullying?

Anyone can be cyber bullied and once it happens it's hard to get away from. It is very dangerous.

Risk is what might just click you out of place

Some people have been cyber bullied and you won't expect it because they seem like they are fine when at school.


Anyone can be targeted if they put themselves in the position where they could possibly be cyber bullied.

So many people

If you a smart on social media that can prevent getting bullied, but there is always a change because someone might dislike you but you don't know who.

Can be a dangerous place


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