My Grade 9 Self By: Zoey Shiell

Some physical activities i have enjoyed and participated in recent years are volleyball,soccer,hockey,horseback riding,basketball,swimming lessons,track and camping. In years before i have played soccer,hockey and basketball for minor sports teams along with doing swimming lessons and horseback riding. My favorite gym unit in all of public school and in grade 9 has been volleyball. In track and field in grades 5,6,7 and 8 i made it to All Perth for running events. Every summer my family and i always goes camping up near Tobermory. When we go camping, we go hiking,swimming,boating and biking.

In the first fitness unit i think my scores for my sit ups and my wall sit were really good. For my sit ups i got 40 sit ups in a row, and for my wall sit i got 2 minutes and 04 seconds. Something that i would have liked to try to do better in was my vertical jump because i feel like i could've done better.
I found that field hockey was a difficult sport when we first started playing it, but when we got more into the unit i really started to enjoy it . I think it was a fun sport to play but also one of the hardest i have ever tried to play. The challenges of learning a new sport is that you have to learn all the rules and get to know the jobs of each positions, another challenge of learning a new sport is that it can be very stressful when you mess up. With field hockey it was difficult to know when to use witch pass.
If i were to participate on the Listowel Lightning Track and Field Team, i would like to participate in some track events and in some field events. For track events i would want to do some sprints such as the 100 m and the 200 m. For field events i would want to do running triple jump and disc. I would choose these events because in public school i was good at those two sprints and triple jump and because when we practiced disc i found myself doing really good in it. How i would work to improve these events are by practicing them more often on my spare time.
To hut the football to a Quarterback you first have to grab a football and than sort of do a squatting position with the football between your legs. Next you wait for the quarterback to yell their "code" (example; blue 32 hut! Or 2 4 6 hut!) Than you throw the quarterback the ball from between your legs.
I think Volleyball is found appealing and is such a popular team sport because its one of the sports where there isn't much standing around and you're always moving or always have to be ready to move. In Volleyball for school units i also find that we get to play more games than drills than in other sports that we play. If one of my team mates was struggling with their skill execution i would try to encourage them to keep trying and try and give them some tips. (example; bend your knees more)
In our badminton unit when we had the change to play singles and doubles i enjoyed playing single games more. I liked playing single games more because when you play singles you always have the chance to get the birdie yourself and you don't have to worry about being confused of who's going to go to hit the birdie.

Health: I think strong decision making skills is an important skill to have as you progress through secondary school because now that were in high school this is the year that you will meet new people and want to try new things. Meeting new people you need to make sure that they are the kind of people you want to hang out with and aren't going to force you into anything you don't want to do. Now we are also learning about new things that you may want to try (such as drinking and drugs) and you need make sure you think twice before doing some things.

Advice to your Grade 9 self: My advice to the grade 8's that are starting high school next year is that at first high school may be scary but its one of the best things that will happen to you. Keep up on your homework and all your school work but also make sure your having fun. Make sure you are hanging out with the people that you fit in with and don't try to change yourself just because one of your friends from public school isn't hanging out with the same people. There are so many new people to meet. When it comes to smoking and drugs think twice before you do.


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