Principals By: Olivia-Grace Bell

About Principals.

Being a Principal you work at a school. You make sure everything is okay with both students and teachers. Principals do way more than this to make sure students get the education they need for the rest of there life.

Salary of a Principal.

The salary of a Principal is $90,410 a year. They have this type of money because of what they do. Principals do there best to make sure both teachers and students do there best. With there annual year salary they also pay for school items as well.

Classes to take.

You need to have your master's degree. You can take administration or education leadership, early childhood development and keep going up. Having your master's can have a better chance of getting the job quicker.

College tuition/facts.

You can go to University of Texas at Arlington to get your master's for a principal. the cost to get in would be $9,202 in state out of state would be $23,046. this college provides the classes needed to become a school principal.

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