Learning Objective #3 Test taking

Common Exhibit: Breath Reboot

ECON 2030 Test #1


I prepared for this test by implementing the 5 day study plan as described in class with four sections of flashcards. One section added on per day with the fifth day set aside for equal review of all four sections.
7:30 PM Wednesday

During the test I brought a watch and took three breaks to refresh my mind and relieve stress for about a minute before returning to the test.

I would picture myself in Hilton Head where my family owns a house. It is the embodiment of relaxation and a stress free area in my mind.


I had made a habit of taking some time during a test to clear my mind and give my brain a chance to stop and be refreshed; however it usually came once i finished the test and before i checked the answers. By making the breaks shorter but adding more of them, I felt that it allowed me to do more questions with a fresh mind. I felt more focused because I allowed myself to forget past questions that I was second guessing my answers to. Overall I think it positively affected my test taking experience and with luck it helped me be more successful than I would have been otherwise on the test.

Self-designed exhibit

Post test analysis

For my self-designed exhibit I decided to do the post-test analysis exercise on the same econ test that I did the common exhibit for. I prepared quite well for this quiz and the results showed as i only missed one question. While this was very good and a good reinforcement that the studying I was doing for econ is effective, it made the exhibit a little bit hard to draw data from.

This is the "Post-test analysis" sheet that we received in class. The question was a multiple choice that I missed because I misread that the question was "Which of these statements is False?" instead of what it actually said which is "Which of these statements is True?"
Some of the notes that I reviewed in preparation for this quiz. I used some of the note taking skills that I learned in class.


Although there was not that much information to review in the post-test analysis, I was able to confirm the effectiveness of good note taking skills as well as group studying strategies. I feel that after this test I will make more of an effort to form study groups early in the semester so that I can benefit from group study sessions as soon as possible. Additionally, even though I felt very prepared I still made a silly mistake that costed me some points. I need to remember that no matter how well I prepare, I still need to be in a good mental state to perform well on an exam.


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