Good Life Activity at the FLMNH Kapil Sirivolu

Columbian Mammoth

I found this exhibit appealing because I have never seen a mammoth statue in real life. I was captivated by its size and realized that as a human, we believe we have so much power but we are smaller than many other animal species. The exhibit captured my attention by displaying the mammoth in it's full size. The thing that made my experience at the museum so enjoyable was the access I had to so many different exhibits that I could view all at once and reflect about t


The Natural History Museum did provide me with the opportunity to experience nature as Leopold recommended. I was able to immerse myself into the world of butterflies and witness the biodiversity firsthand. As I walked through the museum I felt as though I was actually a small individual part of a large world and I sensed others had the same feelings. I thought how amazing it was to be able to live in such a beautiful place. The Natural History Museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by recreating several instances of ecosystems and immersing visitors in them as they progress through the museum. This visit to the museum reminded me I must always do as much as I can to make sure that the world I live in is safe and healthy for all its inhabitants.


The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary life and places us into a variety of different ecosystems to show us that nature is truly beautiful and that we should appreciate it. It shows us that we should not be egocentric and that we are part of a bigger world and that we share this world with other beings who deserve it as much as us. It shows us that nature is amazing and benefits us in so many ways and that we should do our utmost to protect it and if possible give back.

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