Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by chris schaefer

Nature on Display

Me in the Butterfly exhibit

The butterfly exhibit was by far the most intriguing of all of the exhibits at the Museum of Natural History. It was a very calming experience, you could hear faint sounds of the water rush by and observe all the varieties of butterfly. There were so many different colors and species, it was a beautiful sight. The exhibit felt like your own little nature preserve, you would walk through and you felt like you weren't in Gainesville anymore. I honestly spent more time here watching the butterflies than I did at any other exhibit. It was also incredibly educational, there were signs all across the path so as you walked you could learn about the all butterflies and the nature that you observed.

Nature and Ethics

Deeper in the museum, an exhibit with a Native American lady sewing, showing

Touring the museum was almost a group experience at first. I went by myself but arrived at the same time as a few families, so we happened to walk through the butterfly exhibit at the same time. Being able to see how they reacted to the nature that the exhibit provided was very entertaining. Some of the little kids were awestruck by the butterflies, running everywhere while the parents were trying to keep up. Other kids were completely uninterested, while the parents were absolutely fascinated. I passed through the rest of the exhibits by myself, but that helped me to connect with the exhibits personally. Being able to explore all of the Native American exhibits, especially the Calusa Indians, really inspired an appreciation for nature. These Indians lived solely off of nature for centuries, the thought of that is very inspiring. It made you think about the morality of our modern lives when it comes to our effects on nature. Personally, it made me want to watch my impact on the environment, and take efforts to preserve it more.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Calusa Indians exhibit

The Florida Museum of Natural History offers an escape from our daily lives. We get to explore exhibits as they take us to different times and different places. They show us new information that we wouldn't even know to think about without being exposed to it. At the museum you get to see butterflies, Indians, explore underwater creatures. It's a unique experience. The temporary escape that comes with visiting a museum helps us to look at our outside lives with a more objective perspective, viewing it like we don't normally. The view of nature opens our eyes to view our real lives with equal majesty.

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