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What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is a skin type, but dehydrated skin is a condition anyone can experience.

Dry skin has a lack of oil, or lipids.

With dehydrated skin, there’s a lack of water in the stratum corneum, which is the top layer of the skin.

You don’t need to have dry skin to have dehydrated skin.

Oily and combination skin can be dehydrated as well. Oily skinned people rejoice! Yes, you need this too! Dehydration is a lack of water, not oil. This means sebaceous oil activity can still be normal or even overactive in dehydrated skin. The products you're using now to combat oiliness are probably making your skin produce even more oil, exacerbating your problem.

So which one do you have? Here’s a quick run-down of the key characteristics:

Top 2 causes of dry and dehydrated skin:

Sebaceous gland activity tends to decrease with age, and the skin’s natural hydrators decline over the years. The skin’s ability to regenerate lipids comprising the protective lipid barrier layer of the Stratum Corneum also declines with age, as does blood flow to the skin, which may cause a drop in sebum production.

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes water to evaporate from skin, which is why sunburned skin requires more moisture than unexposed areas. Cold winds, air conditioning units, forced air heating and low temperatures can also dry out skin and contribute to premature aging.

Do you have Dry skin? Oily skin? Sensitive skin? Old skin? Young skin?

Active Hydration Serum ADJUSTS to your skin and only pulls in the amount of hydration YOU need. Active Hydration Serum can be used with all four of our Rodan + Fields regimens and enhances your results with each!

With Active Hydration Serum your skin will be smoother, softer and more radiant-looking.

Dry skin acts like old skin. Adding hydration makes your skin act like YOUNG skin by increasing cell turnover which leads to less lines and wrinkles.

It is NOT a moisturizer, it's a hydrator (two different things). It is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), oil free, and won't cause breakouts!

Contact your Rodan + Fields Consultant to order!

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