1. Letter from Head of School
  2. Tracking Application Requirements
  3. Social Distancing Compact
  4. International Student Travel
  5. Day Students
  6. Testing All SKS Students
  7. Arriving on Campus
  8. Visitors
  9. Update to the Academic Calendar
  10. Travel Timeline

Letter from Head of School

Dear Students and Parents,

South Kent School is excited to announce that we will welcome you back to campus starting Monday, August 24, 2020. Classes will begin September 1, 2020. To achieve these commitments to our families, we created a Reopening Task Force that is charged with welcoming back students into the safest and healthiest environment possible. At this time we would like to share with you important travel dates and information below.

The Reopening Task Force will continue to update you throughout the summer as we navigate the state and federal regulations pertaining to COVID. Please note that these guidelines may well change over the summer. We will do our best to keep you updated if they do.

We can’t wait to begin the 2020-2021 school year live and in person! To achieve these goals, all members of the South Kent community will need to work together and commit to the following expectations; similar expectations are in place for all faculty, staff, and their families.

For nearly 100 years, South Kent School has prepared young men to thrive and succeed in rapidly changing times and we will continue to do so throughout the days ahead. We look forward to coming together, learning together, and competing together. The 2020-2021 school year is bound to be a challenge, but with great challenge comes great opportunity. With a strong commitment to each other and our community, we will THRIVE.

My very best wishes to you all for a safe, responsible and healthy July. Please address questions or concerns about the information contained in this document to either Rich Chavka (chavkar@southkentschool.org) or Phil Darrin (darrinp@southkentschool.org).


Lawrence A. Smith ’73

Head of School

Tracking Application Requirements

Beginning August 10, 2020, all students must agree to use a tracking application on their phones. The School will publish the appropriate application prior to the August 10 date.

Social Distancing Compact

For the safety and well being of the School, all students must agree to begin social distancing protocols on August 10, 2020. This includes wearing masks, limiting contact with non-family members and isolating themselves at home for 14 days prior to their departure to campus. The Social Compact document will explain this in further detail. South Kent’s rules for social distancing mirror the CDC’s.

International Student Travel

All international students need to be in regular contact with the US embassy in their home country until their departure. Please check travel restrictions and recommendations for your home country.

Day Students

For at least the beginning of the school year, day students will be required to board on campus along with their cohort. Therefore on August 24, 2020 day students should plan to arrive on campus. The requirement to board may be lifted as the year progresses.

Testing All South Kent Students

All students need to be administered a “PCR” test for Covid-19 5-7 days prior to arrival. The results of the test need to be shared with the Health Center PRIOR to August 24, 2020. Upon arrival, students will be administered another test for Covid-19 as part of an overall health screen before being allowed entry into any buildings.

Students who are unable to meet the requirements of the initial health screen will not be allowed onto campus until all health center expectations are fulfilled, which may include an additional isolation or quarantine.

Additional tests will be administered throughout the school year with increased frequency around travel dates.

Arriving on Campus 8/24/20

The School will create appointment slots for students to arrive on campus on August 24, 2020. The School is encouraging an “early drop-off” option beginning August 17 for students living within driving distance of the campus to drop off belongings in their rooms and return home. This is not the move-in period. Advance sign-up will be required for preset time slots, and this option will be very helpful in reducing and spacing out the time and traffic involved with move-in later in August while supporting necessary social distancing. Please look for a future communication about this option. Students can be accompanied by one adult to aid in with their drop off. Everyone on campus shall wear a mask and adhere to strict social distancing protocols. Drop off intervals will be fifteen minutes in duration. Due to the limited time for dropping off, and the necessity to remain nimble, student belongings will be limited to no more than three boxes or three large pieces of luggage. In addition to items that are prohibited as outlined in the handbook, monitors larger than 29”, and extra furniture are NOT allowed for the 2021 school year. All rooms are allowed to have one small dorm size refrigerator with a maximum storing capacity of 3.1 Cu.ft. This will need to be arranged between roommates when announced.


In an effort to maintain a healthy campus, we will continue to limit campus visitors and campus departures. We will monitor this regularly and when restrictions can be eased we will do so. The School is developing a policy for parent campus visits, home visits, family emergencies, medical appointments, etc.

Update to Academic Calendar

To achieve the 32-week teaching commitment to our families, we have updated our academic calendar. Quarter 1 will begin on September 1, 2020 and end on October 23, 2020. Quarter 2 will begin on October 26, 2020 and end on December 18, 2020. To reduce your son’s exposure to COVID 19, we will NOT have an extended Thanksgiving break this year. Instead, we will celebrate the holiday together here on campus. Please plan on making travel arrangements beginning on December 19, 2020.

Travel Timeline

Subject to change due to state and national regulations

Monday, August 10th

  • Students start self-quarantine

Wednesday, August 19th

  • All Students get PCR test and share results before August 24th.

Monday, August 24th

  • Campus Opens

Tuesday, September 1st

  • Classes Start

Saturday, December 19th

  • Students travel home for Winter Vacation