SEMANTIC User Feedback debrief


Searches Included: Software Engineer, Sales, Outside Sales, Insurance, Management, Insulation


  • 2 user didn't notice or use Semantic.
  • 2 users searched using Boolean search vs Keywords
  • Users indicated they checked and unchecked keywords to get more targeted results. ( all users reviewed information on the results pages)
  • User indicated having to probably go back and edit search agents to semantic was not turned on.
  • Users indicated no substantial differences in type of candidates or quality of candidates from preference experience. Just the number of results.
  • Overall search results yielded candidates that were on par with expectations.
  • 1 user indicated semantic didn't help. " It was annoying" and automatically turned off semantic.
  • * Related keywords helped to provide insight on Job Titles that were not previously thought about or used.
  • Casting a "wide net" was the preferred method in searching
  • No users added an customkeyword(s) in drop down.
  • Pain Point: Having search agents automatically changed to semantic search causing "junk" results.
1 user didn't close out guidance box until instructed by facilitator. Guide box followed down the page as user scrolled.
"Anything to save time during the day is always welcome”
“I really liked that feature”(referring to related keywords that she didn’t have when she first started using CB RDB)
"I feel like I am getting a lot of Junk"
"I was able to click a button and see a days Full of Work Right there!"


  • Continue to solicit feedback as customer begin to user feature more.
  • Introduce the BENEFITS and VALUE of using semantic to the user.
  • Have users leverage feedback button to collect quick and un going feedback.
  • Get Feedback based on Job Title verticals.

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