Poetry Portfolio By: Nahyelie balthazar

Over it

Each and everyday a petal falls

Each one stands for something

The first heartbreak

The second betrayal

The third is hatred

Each and every petal falls till there's no more

No more trust

No more love

No more us

Leaving it behind

Time to let things go

Trying not to stress over it anymore

I'm on a new pat

To forget about my past

Starry Nights

It was a starry night when I last saw you

You were leaving so fast

I didn't know what to do

I stood there and cried

You didn't say goodbye

A Starry night

Always give me the blues


There's no i in team

We work as one

We communicate

We play

We follow each other's lead


Summer summer

Oh how I wonder

Will there be long nights

Or will it a bummer?

Summer summer

I sit and think

Will I be with my friends?

Will we link up every weekend?

Summer summer

The sweet old lady

The little old lady down the street

She was oh so sweet

She fed others

Even tho she didn't have enough to eat

She didn't want to be a bother

So she slept on the concrete

With no shoes on her feet

Her heart slowly misses a beat

Shining Light

Shining light

Through the night

Come my way

Make it a better day

Shining light

Oh so bright

It was foggy

Till you came and let me see

Shining light

Your timing is just right

The Ride

I get on the ride all ready and sure

But it changed my life

I wasn't pure anymore

The movement going up and down

The whole time I had a frown

Scared of all these cages

Declared I wouldn't get on for ages

Sunday Days

Sunday days

Everybody loves them

Tell me baby

Can you stand the rain

Is what he sung to me

While he hung onto me

Telling me the news

Giving me the blues

That was only the beginning

And I'm always forgiving

But this was too much

I wouldn't even budge

She's pregnant he said

And I thought about my baby in heaven

Kitty Cat

Your so small and fragile

You always wanna sample my food

Your always afraid of loud sounds

Son of God

Son of God

You lost your life for everyone

They nailed you to that cross

Graduation day

It's that time

I'm moving on with my life

People will be crying

Caps will go flying

The way we express joy

Is by screaming dat boi

Body figure

There's a certain way your supposed to look

Can't be too big can't be to skinny

You have to have that perfect figure

That's how society makes it seem

Be grateful

I see an old man who has lost everything

But is still grateful

You don't see him with a frown

He's not throwing tantrums

He's sitting in what he has left in his life

Be grateful for what you have

Because there are some who have nothing


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