Leander High School Band 2020-2021 Information Page

Welcome to the Leander High School Band Information Page! This is where we will post important calendar dates, information on events, any changes to times or events, and announcements for our program. You will also have access to pertinent forms or volunteer opportunities from this page.


UPCOMING DATES - Updated 10/7

  • Percussion Virtual Recital - 10/29 - 7pm
  • Home Game vs. Anderson - 10/30
  • Optional Marching Rehearsal - 11/4 - 4:30-6
  • Home Game vs. Cedar Park - 11/6
  • Optional Marching Rehearsal - 11/10 - 4:30-6
  • Hendrickson Game - 11/19 - SENIOR NIGHT! THIS IS A THURSDAY GAME.

Want to see the full calendar of events for the year?



On next week's "optional rehearsal" from 4:30-6pm on Wednesday, November 4th, If you have not picked up your merchandise that you ordered online or have not picked up your March-a-thon prizes from last year yet, please come by to pick everything up. Drive through the front circle to pick up your items. We really want to get your items to you so please come by! If you have any questions, please email Stacie Baldwin at president@leanderband.com. This will include yard signs and decals as well! - Unsure if you need to pick something up? Have your child check the list on Google Classroom!

OPTIONAL REHEARSALS - Optional rehearsals are being created for the brass and woodwind players after school once a week for the next five weeks. We miss our students and marching band quite a bit! We decided to provide some optional learning/fun social experiences for our students to get outside of the house and off of the computer screen. Everyone is welcome, including virtual learners! Covid protocols will be followed, all students should wear the attire and bring the supplies listed below...

  • Attire/Supplies - Tennis shoes and socks, shorts, t-shirt, water jug (filled up prior to arrival), instrument, any provided music we request.
  • Optional Attire - sun glasses, sun screen, hat, sweaters (if it's cold).
  • Be sure a physical and med form has been placed on file with the directors prior to this rehearsal if you have not done so already.

FRIDAY FOOTBALL GAME vs. Anderson - October 30th - 7pm

  • 4:30-5:30 - Rehearsal in stadium - required for all students attending the game.
  • 5:30-6 - Eating in courtyard - dinner provided for all students.
  • 6-6:15 - Inspection - attire and supplies listed below.
  • 7 - Kick-off
  • 10 - Projected end time. Please pick-up your students immediately after the game.
  • ATTIRE AND SUPPLIES - NEW- Halloween Costume, Jackets (it will be cold), the jackets can either be letterman jackets, or a Leander specific color (Blue, Red, Black), Instrument and parts, Music, flip folder, lyra (if necessary for your instrument), blue band water jug that is already filled.
  • Halloween costumes are encouraged and allowed at the game. They must be appropriate! If a student does not wear a halloween costume that's cool, but they need to wear the following attire instead.
  • Attire without costume: Jeans, tennis shoes, Grey Leander Band Shirt.

SENIOR NIGHT - Senior night will be held on November 20th at our final home game against Hendrickson. All seniors will be on the field and recognized individually for their accomplishments in the program. The district is NOT allowing parents to be on the field with their kids, but I encourage you to come and experience that evening. More details to come!

PAYMENT PLANS -For members who need to request a payment plan, please go the Leander Band website (leanderband.org) and fill in the Payment plan request form on the Donations/Payments page EVEN IF you’re already emailed the treasurer directly. This will help us organize the requests. Please do so by Friday September 25th at 5:00 pm so we can get those set up and agreed to. Button below links you to the form...

We need volunteers for March-a-thon! We have little to no response about helping with March-a-thon and it can't happen without wonderful volunteers like you! If you are open to helping with our March-a-thon fundraiser that happens in October, please email our booster President, Stacie Baldwin, at president@leanderband.com. We are still looking for someone to oversee the event as well as many worker bees to be on the committee.

Remember: Your physical/medical history form is REQUIRED and is due before you can participate in the LHS Band in-person. There are no exceptions to this. This year, returning members only need to fill out the left side of the form. You do NOT need a doctor to sign in if we have your physical form from last year. If you are a transfer student or 8th grader who did not do athletics at RBMS or LMS, then you need a doctor to fill out the right side. We will send students away if they do not have this form turned in for safety and liability purposes. You do not need to fill out the second page of the physical/medical history form, just the first is what we need.

Remember: Your Travel/OTC Medications Form is REQUIRED and is due before you can travel with the band or receive any over-the-counter medications. There are no exceptions to this. You will not be able to travel to football games or competitions without this form turned in which may cost you your primary spot. You will also not be able to receive any OTC medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen at rehearsals or performances if we do not have this form turned in and signed by a parent.

Note: If you have medication you need during rehearsals/performances such as asthma inhalers, please see the website forms page (link below) to print those additional forms that will need to be signed by your physician. You will need the LISD Off Campus Medical Consent Form and the Student Self Carry Medication Form.

Remember: We need volunteers to help make Leander Band the best that it can be! Please fill out the Volunteer Form so we know how to contact you when needs arise.


Items below, unless stated otherwise, will need to be purchased on our merchandise website (link below) by Friday, 8/23. Questions? Email our band president, Stacie Baldwin, at president@leanderband.com.

Parents, please order for yourself too, if you wish, but put the order in your student’s name.


  • Show Shirt (coming in Spring)
  • Gray Leander Band shirt
  • Blue LHS Band water jug - purchase on payment page of our band website by 8/23 (include student ID in Address Line 2)


  • Black band gloves - woodwinds need "Fingerless Gloves" and brass need "regular gloves"
  • Black band shorts
  • Black band shoes
  • Band fanny pack - purchase at a store near you
  • Long, black socks - purchase at a clothing store
  • Flip book - purchase at local music store
  • Lyre for flip book (woodwinds only) - purchase at local music store


  • Front ensemble - does not need fanny pack or gloves
  • Battery (drumline) - NEEDS band fanny pack, but does not need gloves
  • Black band shorts
  • Black band shoes
  • Long, black socks - purchase at a clothing store


  • Band fanny pack
  • Guard jersey
  • Guard shorts
  • Jazz shoes
  • Track suit (jacket & pants)

Remember: The "merch closet" in the band hall will carry a limited number of the required items for replacements during the season. However, the merchandise website is the only place you can purchase accessory items like yard signs, hats, etc.

Important Note: The merchandise website is only open for a limited time and then closes for those orders to be processed and shipped in bulk. You MUST order by the deadline, which is 8/23. Processing and shipping takes approximately 4 weeks from the date the merchandise website closes. Items are shipped to the school and handed out to the students.




  • Plain white T-shirt - (Percussion, Woodwinds, Brass only)
  • Band Fanny Pack - purchase details coming soon (not required of Front Ensemble)
  • Charged cell phone (used with marching drill app)
  • Instrument with appropriate parts
  • A flip book - purchase at a local music store (brass & woodwind players only)
  • A lyre - purchased at a local music store (woodwinds only)
  • Tennis shoes - specifically tennis shoes and not basketball sneakers or skating shoes, must have a supportive arch
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Filled Gallon Water Jug with name written prominently on lid and side of jug - can be one you purchase anywhere or the one you purchase on the merchandise website, which is required for performances


Please click the link below to go to the LISD approved volunteer system for 2020-2021. You must get approved through this system to volunteer at LHS in any capacity. The process can take up to a week to get approved so please fill out the online form in plenty of time to volunteer.


  • President - Stacie Baldwin
  • Vice President - Danielle Henson
  • Secretary - Julie Archibald
  • Parliamentarian - Angela Tello
  • Treasurer - Shawn Boardman
  • Assistant Treasurer - Lyra Emmond

E-mail contacts for board members are their Title@leanderband.com EX: Treasurer@leanderband.com


  • Band Banquet Team
  • Bun Brigade (Do Hair Before Performances)
  • Chaperones
  • Display Case Team
  • Fruit Ninjas (Fruit Prep at Summer Band)
  • Fundraising Team
  • General Volunteer (As Needs Arise)
  • Hospitality (Food Distribution)
  • Medical Team (requires EMT license or above)
  • Photography Team
  • Pit Crew
  • Prop Building Team
  • Uniform Seam Team
  • Water Dawgs


Please fill out the form below and mark which areas you would like to help in. A committee lead will contact you with more info and to find out how often you'd like to volunteer.

No Marching Competitions this Fall - Football Game Update - 8/12

This year we will be attending home football games and NOT Away games. The schedule is not official yet, and we expect that we will be limited on number of students and seating. There will be no after school rehearsals this fall as of now. The only rehearsal we would have is right before a football game on Fridays. Updates to come!

Home Football Games - Rehearsal on site immediately following school, dinner provided by band, game starts at 7pm, game usually ends around 9:30-10pm. Students are required to return to the band hall for final announcements and changing out of uniform. They will then be released immediately after that.

Away Football Games - Not happening this year.

Want to take your child home at the end of an event that's NOT at LHS? No problem! Fill out the form below and send it to Mr. Selaiden via e-mail or in person. This release is permission to leave at the END of the event, NOT after halftime or in the middle of the event.


If rehearsal ends at 7:15pm, why does my kid get to the car so late?
  • Students are all required to help bring equipment inside, carry props, put up instruments, etc. That will take a little time to pack everything up and go inside. Some students are also asking questions to leaders or directors. Talk to your student about your expectations for how fast they should move. The band hall closes no later than 30 minutes after each rehearsal.
I thought you were only allowed to rehearse 8 hours per the UIL 8-hour Rule? Why do you have 9 or 10 hours on some weeks?
  • First, the 8-hour rule only applies to weekly rehearsals once school begins in most cases, so summer band doesn't apply. It also doesn't apply to weekends in August once school starts.
  • Second, each organization gets 1 extra hour of rehearsal per each performance of the week. So on Friday we get another hour for the football game, and on Saturdays we get more time for each performance at a competition.
I'm concerned about the heat during the summer and my child being outside so much. What precautions do you take?
  • We are overly concerned about the heat as well. We follow all UIL and LISD guidelines for heat related concerns, and we also go above and beyond and have several tents, a full medical team of parents that are physicians and nurses, and we supply extra water and fruit for students. None of those things are required, but we understand how strenuous marching band can be.
  • Most students get ill because they don't hydrate enough or eat a healthy meal in the morning (no milk or milk products). Educate your child on the best way to take care of their bodies.
Is marching band optional?
  • No.
Excused vs. unexcused absences
  • We understand that band takes a lot of time, but please know that we are very strict about our attendance policy. The reason is because we have 315+ students and we rely on everyone being in their drill spot in order to rehearse successfully. We implement a strict attendance policy because of the amount of people and our need to be fair to everyone in the organization. If we allowed everyone to miss for a doctor's check-up, dentist appointment, boy scout meeting, etc, then we would ALWAYS have a ton of students missing.
  • Excused absences - Death in family, medical emergency/being sick, close family members wedding, other approved absences by a director.
  • Unexcused absences - after school club meeting, tutorials, dentist appointments, doctor's appointments (this does not include if a kid is sick - just a basic check up), outside of school club meetings, youth groups, driver's tests, etc.
  • This doesn't mean that we NEVER approve absences. We are always willing to work with students that need to attend tutorials or other important life events. What we ask is that you communicate in a timely manner and get it approved by Mr. Selaiden.
  • If a student misses three times for unexcused absences, they will be removed from their primary spot, potentially moved out of an ensemble, or removed from the program.
  • All absence related issues should be communicated to Mr. Selaiden.
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