Sexism Scrapbook Buki Odumosu

"Women don't leave the Kitchen!"

Back in the day, women not leaving the kitchen was a norm and something every women took part off. It was ingrained in everyone's mind that a women's place was only in the kitchen: cooking for and taking care of her family. With time, this has changed as more and more females are working and the amount of stay at home fathers are increasing. Females now have the choice to do whatever they want with their lives and this "norm" has changed. This ad reinforces sexism as they limit what a female is able to do by saying that they do not leave the kitchen as if their place is ONLY in the kitchen. Women should be able to do whatever they want and should not have to feel like she has to be in the kitchen or be a good house wife to find a husband.

"Dolce & Gabbana"

Over the years, women have been portrayed as less than when it came to men. Although it may seem like things have changed, there are still many people that look at females as less than men. Ads like this do not do anything but acts has a way to further enhance the thought that women could never compare to men. In this ad, the girl is portrayed as helpless as she is being held down by a man with 3 other men around her. It seems as if she is vulnerable but in a very sexual way that causes people to over sexualize her. Girls who see this ad could potentially think that they are nothing without men and also that being put in a situation like this is normal as it is "sexy". Ads like this could have major affect on girls growing up as they would see something like this and aspire to have men over them like this as it is portrayed as sexy and would guarantee attention from men.

Bubble Butt -Major Lazer, Bruno Mars, Tyga, 2 Chainz & Mystic

In the music video bubble butt, it starts off with 3 white girls dancing lifelessly in the living room of their home when a giant black girl, wearing clothes that has her body exposed, flies through the sky. As she lands, pipes come out of her mouth and into the room where the white girls are dancing. With this, the pipes plug into the butts of the white girls giving them huge butts. In the video, the white girls with no bum are implied to be these boring, lifeless people while the black girl is implied to be a sexual exotic Medusa like creature to the point where it looks like she is not even from earth. After the intro of the song, the video continues on with many females twerking all over the place with their huge butts. The video follows the stereotypes that have been placed on women by society that claims that white girls do not have big bum like black girls do. In today's society, we look at big butts as a norm and won't settle for less. Teenagers obsess about the size of their bums and it gives males the free pass to sexualize females as girls now think it is a norm to post their bodies on social media. Videos like this reinforce sexism as they portray many stereotypes and discriminate against those that do not have big bums and those that are not black. Videos like this are also the cause of many insecurities that many females have. It makes it seem like they are lesser than other females because they cannot do the things that other females can do nor do they possess the same qualities as other females.

Page Report: Homophobia

Homophobia is something that is very prevalent in this day of age. Many people seem to care about what people do to themselves and how they go about their business as if it were their own. People always seem to have something to say like their opinions matter. Many people are homophobic and it puts such a heavy burden on those that are homosexual. There are many things that are occurring in the world that seem to be targeting homosexuals such as the shooting in Orlando. The shooting in Orlando was a wake up call that homophobia is real and that people that are attracted to the same sex were at risk of being targeted. On June 12th 2016, a 29 year old went to a gay nightclub and killed 49 people leaving 53 other people wounded. There have been many other crimes that involve violence against the LGBTQ community. Homophobia seems to be rising and many people are falling victim to many hate crimes. People need to learn to mind their business and stop worrying bout what people do in the comfort of their homes. In my opinion, homophobia should not even be a thing yet people feel the need to include their input. Homophobia is something that needs to be stopped.

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