Kamdan Montour & Garrett Niles Period 1

The Fantastic Wonderful !EGYPT!

Welcome to Egypt today you will read about all you need to know about us. This catalog will tell you all about here, such as our Nile River, The pyramids, Our Religion, Fast Facts, The very famous King Tut, Our Fashion, The Food, and The Farming. Have a great time in Egypt and Happy Travels.

The Nile River

The Egyptians love the Nile. The Egyptians loved it because they depend on the Nile river for their water for crops and raising animals and the fish in the water provided food. How we got the soil to farm irrigation to get water one place to the other. Us, the smart Egyptians have a Calendar to see when it's flood season. The most important of all is the Nile River provides water.The Egyptians love the Nile.

The Pyramids

The pyramids were a big Egyptian landmark. The Pharaoh's would want a tomb that was big and complicated so thieves couldn't rob the tomb. Also the pharaoh wanted a big place to put his riches for the afterlife. The pyramids are very important Egyptian landmarks.

Egyptian Religion

The Egyptians relied on their religion for good crops and water. Some of our gods were RE the god of sun, the goddess, Isis and Osiris the god of the undead. We pray to these gods so the crops would grow, we would survive, our sunlight, and that there would be water for irrigation for our crops. That is Egyptian religion.

Egyptian fast fun facts

Our writing system is hieroglyphics. We are the longest lasting civilization in history. We created the world's first national government, basic forms of arithmetic, and a 365-day calendar. Officials called "advisers" helped the king rule ancient Egyp

Egyptians King Tut

King Tut, King Tut is our youngest ruler at the age of 9. Ay, the adviser helped King Tut through the journey of being a king. King Tut had one of the biggest decisions , make the shrines open and worship more than one god or keep them closed and only worship one god. If we worship more than one god the family he is getting married in will be mad and if he worships one god all of Egypt will be mad. He was the ruler about 1332 B.C . That is what is was like to be King Tut.

Egyptian Fashion

Here in Egypt we have great fashion. The people here wear white garments. The women wear robes or tight dresses with shoulder straps. Our rich here wear wigs and jewelry. As the poor kids wear rarely anything. This is our fashion in Egypt.

Egypt's Food

Come and try our food here in Egypt. The food consists of vegetables, fruits, fish, milk, cheese, butter, and meat from animals such as ducks and geese. Here our very wealthy eat better meals consisting of big game. Also some baking here and very fancy cakes and other baked goods. Also don't forget we drink grape, date, and palm wine. That is the food and drink we have here in Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian farming

Us the mighty Egyptians need food too! The most important part is the Nile river, it provides a yearly flood and when it floods it makes the ground fertile so we can plant . We get a lot of food with the yearly fertile ground at lest three harvests a year. We don't only plant we also get lots of cattle and sheep and they bring milk and meat. Farming brought wealth to Egypt. That is how farming in Egypt is done.

That is how the Egyptians live right here in Egypt.

A nice map of our beloved Egypt.

The websites that made it all this possible.

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