Should Athletes be Given Less Homework? Student ATHLETES are being given too much homework and it is causing stress for them story by: jerahmy kelley

About a month ago I took a poll and and asked a bunch of different kids if they played sports and if they think that athletes should have less homework and the polls say that the 1 out of 3 students play a sport and 2 out of 4 of the people at PRHS that play sports are stressed out from school work. 75 percent of athletes believe there should be a limit on the amount of homework teachers are allowed to give them.

Sports are more than a extracurricular activity to some people it is a hobby. Others it's a lifestyle and something they think they can use throughout their entire life.

Athletes are saying they stay up late having to do homework that they was assigned that day to get it done for the next day, and after a long day of practice and having to come home and doing work in all six maybe seven classes it is really hard to be able to get good sleep. Ian Grace of PRHS said “The most tired I feel is actually not because of exercise, but because I have to stay up late to finish homework.”

This can prove that students are having to put a lot more work in then others just to maintain a good grade. Even without sports a lot of kids are stressed out from the amount of work they are given but to add three hours of practice a day to can be very exhausting. I asked some athletes this question, Does teachers giving too much homework cause you stress? One of the responses was “Yes, all the time because major events like me doing track is enough stress, plus having to keep my grades up” (Melissa Mendoza). “Yes, because I don't have enough time to finish my homework and I always have to stay up later just to do my homework.”(Ciarra yarger) Some people look at the side of the story that says, “Well it's the students choice to so sports do they shouldn't be given less homework then others” This is also true since it is the athletes choice to play sports why would there be any less homework for him.

Everyone has a choice to play sports or not so why would the people who don't play sports get punished by being given more homework than the people who do play sports. I got some quotes from people who don't play sports and this is what they said to the question Do you think their should be a limit on the amount of homework assigned to athletes? he responded "Athletes have been able to do both in the past without any problems and they choose to be athletes so they should know they have to work harder" (Max Martinez). all this information is good because we can see both sides of the conflict.

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