Journey Log 1 Allison Jones - AluminumLithium

Allison Jones - AluminumLithium

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Journey Log 1



For this Journey Log, I used the ideas from the reading "Exploring" to convey curiosity. I chose images from the beginning of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, because if it wasn't for Alice's curiosity, she never would have had all her adventures in Wonderland. I also used images from the pill scene of the Matrix, because it's at that point in the movie when Neo's curiosity gets the best of him, and he decides to "see how deep the rabbit hole goes." To devise this image, I used to create the background and edit the images from Google. Although this image has an odd feeling to it, I felt it was appropriate to represent the unnerving nature of both the Matrix and Alice in Wonderland. In this image, I see Morpheus speaking to both Alice and Neo since in both situations they choose the red pill and take the plunge down the rabbit hole. The reason that I spaced out the quote about the pills the way that I did was to really emphasize the intrigue that the dialogue creates. All together, my illustration summarizes how I see curiosity.

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