Finklea Family An AFrican american family legacy

Welcome to the Finklea Family in pictures through the years. Edward Moses Finklea and his wife Mary Ella Page Finklea were the parents of Edna, James, Joseph, Emma, Ernest, Dorothy and Gladys. Dorothy as of this moment is the only surviving member of this family. Dorothy is presently 100 years young.

Edward "Papa"Finklea
Mary Ella Page Finklea

James Finklea

Ernest Finklea, wife Lil and Ernest Jr.

L to R top, Edna Finklea, Ruth Edna's daughter, Emma Finklea, bottom Rene, daughter of Dorothy and Gail, daughter of Ruth.

Dorothy and Gladys Finklea

L-R Dorothy, Edna and Emma

TJ and Gladys Finklea Stonom

A family gathering.
William 'Billy' Miller
Emma with Norman and Ruth Miller, children of Edna.

Amos and Dorothy Finklea Harris with daughter Renee and her son Sean.

Cousins Nadine Finklea, granddaughter of Joe Finklea and Karen Ruffin, granddaughter of Emma.

Jerry Bedford, son of Emma and wife Betty with James Finklea.

James Finklea, TJ Stonom with Tommy Ruffin, oldest son of Emma with his son Tommy Jr.

The marriage of James Finklea to Georgia Jones in 1927

Emma Finklea
Dorothy Finklea

Barbara Stonom, daughter of Gladys and Jerry Bedford Jr, grandson of Emma

Joseph and Della Finklea

Edna and Emma

Ernest Jr and Brenda Finklea, children of Ernest Finklea

Celebrating Dorothy Finklea Harris' 99th Birthday with L to R, Dorothy, friend of Gloria, Gloria Finklea, widow of Ernest Finklea and Nadine Finklea Johnson, grand daughter of Joseph Finklea.

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