GlenwoodTimes #4 - June 2017

Headmaster's Message

The ease with which our parents and children navigate cyberspace has brought with it a myriad of other problems, many of them at a social level, and we all know how embarrassing and, sometimes, confrontational it can be. It is our responsibility as parents and teachers to advocate responsible use of technology in general and social media in particular. We cannot adopt the ostrich approach and bury our heads in the sand in the hope that the social problem will go away. It won’t! Parents, teachers and pupils need to equip themselves with the relevant knowledge in order to deal with the challenges that lie ahead, and the most significant challenge has to be the abuse of technology, especially as far as social communication is concerned.

If used correctly and responsibly, social media is a wonderful tool. If not, it can have disastrous consequences and we only have to refer to recent media reports and incidents within schools to confirm this statement. Reckless and irresponsible postings on social media sites can easily destroy someone’s reputation and self-image and have consequences that can effectively destroy their lives – remember that once it’s posted, it’s there for good. What concerns me, however, is that we, as adults, normally associate irresponsible on-line behaviour only with children, but the reality is that it is not only limited to the younger generation. It is not only children who are guilty of on-line bullying. I have had many incidents where parents have “bullied” one another on on-line chat groups, very often as a result of unfounded gossip. I urge parents to be mindful of what they post on social media. I particularly urge parents to refrain from discussing or making derogatory statements about teachers or the school on any on-line forum. Very often parents react on second-hand information that their children and fellow parents have conveyed to them, which can sometimes be far removed from the truth. PLEASE DON'T SPECULATE! This, unfortunately, has a habit of getting out and often leads to unnecessary and uncomfortable confrontation and possible litigation. There are channels available for parents to voice their concerns. I would like to invite you to use these whenever you are unhappy about some or other issue that deserves to be addressed. However, please refrain from doing this on-line in discussions with other groups. We can only deal with an issue if we are aware of it. We all make mistakes, but no-one deserves a death sentence for an unfortunate incident that may or may not have taken place.

Once it’s posted, it’s there for good!


our new bus has arrived

Eden 911 visit Little Glens

Little glens connect with elephants in knysna

Little Glens Grade 0 class experience the majestic elephants at the Knysna Elephant Park.

mother's day at Little Glens

aftercare holiday fun

Glenwood Aftercare enjoyed a fun-filled March/April Holiday packed with exciting activities.

The children had the opportunity to test their fitness and energy levels at Elevate Trampoline Park. They explored 'farm life' on Dean and Dylan van Schalkwyk's farm, "Saamstaan", where huts were built in the dense forest through teamwork and marshmallows were barbequed. The milking of cows turned out to be quite an experience.

They played with the pigs, climbed trees, enjoyed a red tractor ride and even got chased by an angry cow! It was just so much fun and, to end off the fun trip, Miss Laubscher got stuck in a tree, much to everyone’s delight!

Aftercare would like to extend a huge thank you to Phillip and Christelle van Schalkwyk for inviting all of us to enjoy a day on the farm.


Following the issuing of Cycle One reports, we would like to congratulate the following learners on their achievements:


1 - Luann Erasmus, 2 - Jasmine Furstenburg, 3 - Bianca Vegter, 4 - Zac Nel, 5 - Lani de Wet, 6 - Jamie Smit, 7 - Hema Hattingh, 8 - Lomé Gouws, 9 - Renée Terblanche, 10 - Mira Hartman

(Front, from left to right): Lani de Wet, Zac Nel, Bianca Vegter, Jasmine Furstenburg, Luann Erasmus (Back, from left to right): Mira Hartman, Renée Terblanche, Lomé Gouws, Hema Hattingh, Jamie Smit


1 - Jade Evans, 2 - Ann-Louise Coertze, 3 - Amber Evans, 4 - Samantha Bellew, 5 - Nické De Ridder, 6 - Leanka de Kock, 7 - Carmi Lewis, 8 - Gabrielle Vakis, 9 - Ethan Olivier, 10 - Korneel Hellemans

(Front, from left to right): Nické de Ridder, Samantha Bellew, Amber Evans, Ann-Louise Coertze, Jade Evans (Back, from left to right): Korneel Hellemans, Ethan Olivier, Gabrielle Vakis, Carmi Lewis, Leanka de Kock


1 - Ruan Lamprecht, 2 - Nicole Booyens, 3 - Bram Hellemans, 4 - Gisèle Young, 5 - Marli du Toit, 6 - Hugo Koen, 7 - Emiel Terblanche, 8 - Tiaan Hugo, 9 - Cael Barnett, 10 - Tristan Scholtz

(Front, from left to right): Marli du Toit, Gisèle Young, Bram Hellemans, Nicole Booyens, Ruan Lamprecht (Back, from left to right): Tristan Scholtz, Cael Barnett, Tiaan Hugo, Emiel Terblanche, Hugo Koen


1 - Nicole van Helsdingen, 2 - Keanan Carstens, 3 - Geneen Young, 4 - Gemma Doherty, 5 - Lindy Prinsloo, 6 - Lara Durant, 7 - Sarah Stolk, 8 - André de Wet, 9 - Alecia de Clercq, 10 - Ronan Shepherd

(Front, from left to right): Lindy Prinsloo, Gemma Doherty, Geneen Young, Keanan Carstens, Nicole van Helsdingen (Back, from left to right): Ronan Shepherd, Alecia de Clercq, André de Wet, Sarah Stolk, Lara Durant


Tuesday, 28 January 2017 saw the inauguration of the new Preparatory School Prefect Body. We are very proud to introduce the new leaders in the Preparatory School.

Prefects: Mia du Plessis, Gemma Doherty, Christy Strydom, Jordan Barnett, Ronan Shepherd, Thomas van Rijkevorsel, Nina Goussard, Kent Jordaan, Lize Ferreira, Camryn Seabrook, Nina Potgieter, Lara Durant, Alecia de Clercq, Kirsten Offen, Danica Barnard, Kalista Kemp, Tryphine Nota, Nicole van Helsdingen, Aidan van Eeden, Matthew van Dam, Kim van Helsdingen, Geneen Young

Deputy Head Girl: Sarah Stolk, Deputy Head Boy: James Helling, Head Girl: Lindy Prinsloo, Head Boy: James Edwards

Sarah Stolk (Deputy Head Girl), Lindy Prinsloo (Head Girl), James Edwards (Head Boy), James Helling (Deputy Head Boy)
Front Row: Mia du Plessis, Gemma Doherty, Christy Strydom, Lindy Prinsloo (Head Girl), Jordan Barnett, Ronan Shepherd, James Helling (Deputy Head Boy), Thomas van Rijkevorsel. Middle Row: Nina Goussard, Kent Jordaan, Lize Ferreira, Camryn Seabrook, Nina Potgieter, Lara Durant, Alecia de Clercq, Kirsten Offen, Tryphine Nota, James Edwards (Head Boy). Back Row: Nicole van Helsdingen, Aidan van Eeden, Matthew van Dam, Sarah Stolk (Deputy Head Girl), Kim van Helsdingen, Geneen Young, Danica Barnard, Kalista Kemp

Grade 6 scientists

Grade 6 science practicals - dried fruit and rates of dissolving. Scientists of the future!

Glenwood's Got Talent 2017

Glenwood's Got Talent 2017 took place from 3 - 5 May at the George Arts Theatre. This competition was started to give children an opportunity to perform in front of an audience, to experiment with their talent on stage and to experience a touch of the world of performing arts.

This year we had extremely brave contestants trying out for the finals on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. We were all proud of the many who entered for the first time, such as Caitlin McComb with her beautiful voice, Kristen Grant who truly "let it go" and gave us goose bumps and Luann Erasmus who made us laugh with his jokes and puppetry. Another unforgettable performance was by Dirk van Staden and Lindy Prinsloo who, together, danced our hearts away with their expressive choreography. We hope that contestants will go on exploring their talents, as they clearly proved to us that they, truly, do have talent.

We had a panel of six judges whose difficult task it was of first choosing a list of finalists and then, after their final performance on Friday, choosing a winner.

Glenwood House is proud of each and everyone who stepped on to that stage. You are all winners! We congratulate our finalists and, of course, this year's top three: Xander Douglas, our very own stand-up comedian, Gemma Doherty and Natalie Lombard, our alto duo and our winners, Christen Strydom and Nicole van Helsdingen, who sing and play the ukulele. Well done!

Front Row: Kristen Grant, Leané Barnard Second Row: Christen Strydom, Gemma Doherty (absent: Natalie Lombard), Hannah Cidrias Third Row: Xander Douglas, Jordan Barnett, Lindy Prinsloo, Nicole van Helsdingen, Gugu Zumbire, Zeze Zumbire Fourth Row: Dylan Evans Fifth Row: Dirk van Staden, Jade van der Venter, Seke Zumbire, Aura-Zuskia Manitsas, Cameron Seabrook, Lara Durant, Kirsten Offen

rugby festival

Kingswood U13 Hockey tour

This much anticipated hockey tour was another highlight for our young hockey players. It included fun, drama and the unexpected.

The unexpected came from the boys’ results. We played Kingswood, St Andrew’s, St George’s, Grey B and Kingswood, again, on grass. These matches were intense and end- to- end in nature. Unbelievably, we drew all these matches 0-0! It was disappointing not being able to score, as we had a few very good shots at goal. Consider, however, the talent of our keeper, Jordan Barnett. He kept a clean sheet for the entire tournament! Jordan made a few remarkable saves and kept our team from conceding a goal.

The girls also had a great run, as their results show:

Kingswood: Won 1-0, DSG: Lost 0-2, Collegiate: Drew 0-0, VP: Drew 0-0, Clarendon Park: Lost 0-3, Summerwood: Won 2-1

The girls proved to be a very balanced team with their performance and managed to score 3 great goals.

The U13 Girls’ hockey team.
The U13 Boys’ team in the shade before our match.
Although our captain, Kyle, showed great form, we just could not score.

Grade 8 camp

Grade 9 camp

Every year the grade 9 learners participate in a three day camp at the end of the first term. While parents and teachers understand the importance of an academic education, the grade 9 camp team of teachers strive to extend the boundaries of education to include practical life skills, social skills and a ‘green’ education.

We chose to base the camp at Buffalo Bay, just outside Knysna. We wanted the leaners to explore coastal regions most had never been to and remind them that life can be enjoyed outside. This year’s camp kicked off with a lengthy 20km hike from Sedgefield to Buffalo Bay, starting on the beach at low tide and then joining up with the exquisitely beautiful Goukamma-Groenvlei hiking trail. This was a long day out for the learners, but with regular breaks, swims and games of beach rugby we arrived in Buffalo Bay in good spirits and ready for a shower.

The learners are required to camp and need to cater for themselves, which require them to make use of organisation and planning skills. A relaxed evening of setting up camp, attempting to braai and cook 2 minute noodles, was enjoyed by learners and teachers alike.

Day 2 was the highlight of the camp for many learners as we spent it at the Goukamma Nature Reserve in Buffalo Bay. The learners exhausted themselves with a day of swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing and volley ball. Some excellent photos were taken and can be viewed on the Facebook page for Tony Cook Adventures. After a day in the sun, a very quiet evening was had!

We felt it important that the learners understand the concept of ‘paying it forward’. We had all had an incredible time at Buffalo Bay and gave back to the area by undertaking a beach clean-up the morning before we left. Unfortunately, we found an incredible amount of small pieces of plastic waste, and the leaners were shocked to see how much of the waste was actually day-to-day items we use in our homes. We had a short talk by the Cape Nature rangers who gave interesting information on the work they do in the Goukamma Reserve and the challenges they face in maintaining the reserve.

By all accounts the camp was a success and thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended. The grade 9s got to work, play and relax, relying solely on Mother Nature for their entertainment.

Grade 10 first aid

grade 12s prepare for matric farewell

talent sa

Cyan Scholtz received her F.P.A.S.A provincial colours in performing Arts and, after obtaining Gold at Talent America Nationals, was selected as a member of the SA team to represent South Africa and Glenwood House in New York, where she will perform in various categories.

glenwood - an Ios school

At Glenwood House, your child will experience the wonders of tablet-computing in education.

In 2015, we embarked on the exciting prospect of 1:1 tablet computing which has made us an edTech leader in the Southern Cape. With this in mind, each child is expected to have their own device from Grade 5. Not only are all their textbooks available on the device, but we also use various apps in class which stimulate and motivate them to improve their results.

There are some schools elsewhere who have embarked on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) route, and although we tried this, we found that the Android and Windows tablets were far inferior when it came to robustness and lacked the richness when it came to apps. It also became very difficult for a busy teacher to support four or five different types of tablets in class.

Glenwood House has chosen to become an iOS school, meaning that we only support iPads.

We know there are students who have very outdated Android and Windows devices, and we encourage them to replace them with iPads when they stop working.

You may have heard somewhere that iPads are more expensive than other devices, but this is not the case when one compares Apples with “Apples” (if you’ll pardon the pun). Yes, there are very cheap Android tablets out there, but they are under spec for the apps that we use. They also have a very short life-cycle of, at most, two operating system upgrades. They are often prone to breakages and don’t take the knocks as well as iPads do.

Typically, an Android will last you two years, while an iPad can last you four or more, depending on the apps which are put onto them.

Glenwood House have partnered with Digicape in order to secure iPads at an affordable rate. Please contact them on the numbers elsewhere in this newsletter and purchase directly from them. Although they are based in Cape Town, they will courier your iPad to your door. They are also able to provide some of the other items, such as robust iPad cases for the devices, which are essential.

iPad Minimum specs: iPad Air 2, iOS 10, at least 32GB of data space. Always get the most you can comfortably afford. It is not necessary to have a sim card in the device. (In the College, learners may not have simcards in their devices).

Digital/On-line communication within a Glenwood House context

The internet/cyberspace is an interesting but scary space if it is not used responsibly. It is very useful for us as a school to be updated with regard to activities taking place all over our region and province. This applies especially to me as the Headmaster, as I cannot get to every event, although I do try my utmost to attend as many as I can. WhatsApp definitely has a place in our school community and the way in which we communicate with one another.

We do, however, know how dangerous, and very often embarrassing, social media can be. It has also become extremely convenient for our teams to create groups within their respective teams and very often our teachers or coaches are on these groups, and this is where my concerns lie. I have seen, first- hand, the language and content that is shared by these groups on occasion and it does not befit the behaviour of anyone associated with Glenwood House.

Under no circumstances will we allow or encourage familiarity or distasteful banter amongst our teachers/coaching staff and the pupils in our school. All communication within a Glenwood context must be professional and in good taste. We encourage our parents to monitor their children’s social media activity in order to prevent this from happening.

Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.


myschool myvillage myplanet

Sporting achievements


Three of our Glenwood College boys won the SA Rock and Surf Angling contest.

Michael Bachle, Bradley Wiehahn and Luke Gauché were selected as SA Anglers and will compete against Namibia in the International RASSPL event early 2018.

Luke wins silver at SA Champs 2017

For the second year in a row, Luke Gauché won a silver medal in long jump for boys U17 at the South African Schools Athletics Championships held in Durban from 30 March – 1 April. He achieved his personal best jump of 7.21m, only 9cm behind the winner.

Earlier this year Luke was listed by Athletics South Africa under the top 10 rankings for the Youth & Junior Track and Field Championships earmarked for development towards the 2020 Olympic Games.

Luke wins silver with a personal best of 7.21m at the SA Champs. He stands with the Olympic silver medalist on the right.

2017 Challenge Cup

Alex van Wyk and Bradley de Beer from Glenwood House took part in the 15th Annual Challenge Cup held at Atlantic Beach Golf Club from the 15th to the 19th of May. They played five days of 36 holes each, where they represented the GolfRSA Junior Team (SA u19). Every day held its own challenges as they faced a different team each day.

Other teams involved, which were all open amateur teams, were Western Province, Central Gauteng, Northern Gauteng, Presidents Team and the South African University Team.

Each team consisted of 8 players. The GolfRSA team beat all the teams for the first 4 days and it boiled down to the last day against Western Province, over which they had a slender 1 point lead. At the end of the day the game was halved, with Western Province and Golf RSA remaining one point ahead to claim the 15th Annual Challenge Cup.

Preparatory Easter sport achievements

We are delighted to report on the delightful performances of our young athletes over the Easter period.

Keenan Carstens and Clair DuPreez- Gratz played in the SWD Chess trials and both won all 5 their matches.
Carmi Lewis, Jade Evans and Tiana Jacobs represented the George netball teams.
Naledi Manyube and Marnus Oosthuizen were selected to represent the SA Tennis teams.
Tammy Greenwood not only won the SA Biathlon championships, but also set a new SA record!


The following hockey players were selected for the Eden U13 teams: (from left): Gugu Zumbire, Natalie Lombard and James Helling (B team); Kyle Gauché and Alecia de Clercq (A team).

Samantha Bellew recently participated in the Western Cape biathle trials and was selected to represent the Western Cape team at the SA Champs.
These young golfers achieved outstanding results at the recent Oubaai championship. Jasmine Furstenburg shot a hole-in-one on the 11th hole. Tiaan Hugo won the men’s B league and Dylan Melville won the Junior golf award.

Kingswood Co-ed Hockey tournament

Our First X1 boys had good results at the Kingswood Co-ed Hockey tournament. They beat Kingswood 4 – 1, won vs St Dominic’s Priory 4 – 0, beat Hudson 2 – 1, lost to Cambridge 2 – 3, lost to St Andrew’s 1 – 2 and beat Graeme College 2 – 0.

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