Sandals and Socks seriously?

Worst fashion trend by far in the history of Humanity

It doesn't make sense to me it just doesn't it is like trying to open a door with your feet or making a bowl of cereal and then slamming it on the floor

I try to understand why but it just doesn't make sense I mean would your expect after putting on socks they would put on shoes But they do the exact opposite and I don't know why

Wearing socks and sandals is like wearing pants on your arm and a shoe on your hand and that does not make sense to me

And now why I chose to write this

I chose to write about socks and sandals because the whole idea of it makes me cringe. I also thought of it because whenever I go to my grandparent's house my grandpa literally only and I say only wears socks and sandals and he will not wear anything else and it puzzles my whole family.This is the kind of thing that gets on a lot of people's nerves and it just doesn't look appealing at all and in any way. Some "people" may say it is comfortable but wouldn't not wearing socks be better?

The overall meaning of the poem is to sort of express how I feel about socks and sandals and how I don't really understand why some people do it. I used figurative language to describe how putting on socks and sandals doesn't make sense and how it is so strange.In conclusion and in my opinion I don't like socks and sandals as you can see and I am still waiting for a reason to wear them.

This needs to become law


This is my poem with a few pictures.

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