Healthy Discussions RESECT OTHER'S OINIONS

During your time in university, you will encounter a multitude of viewoints. Some you will agree with, others you will not. It's imortant to treat all of these views the same way, in order to facilitate healthy discussion.
Especially after the recent election, tension is high. There have been a lot of mean and hurtful words thrown around, and this negativity is breeding a culture of disrespect. Debate has turned into slander. We need to turn this around.
I propose we eliminate the harmful vernacular that has been allowed to develop and fester in the cesspool of online forums. The internet has been the primary proponent of negativity over the past few years. To have a meaningful discussion, it is best to do it face to face. Internet warriors hiding behind a keyboard will have nowhere to hide.
Links: - Groupme holds participants accountable by putting them in the same environment as professors. - Helpful article of conversation tactics to practice.
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