The Back Seat By Kaiya Pino

Stories of the Back Seat

Eye Witness

On March 6, after school on the bus's, A couple of lower schoolers went to the back of the buses and sat down. Everyone looked at them and had surprised looks on their faces, because, no one sat there, besides the high schoolers. Then every turned to the door, the high schoolers had come on the bus. Everyone was holding their breath, the high schools have so far never let any one sit there. As the Lower schoolers continued to talk, no noticing the tall (and scary high schoolers). When the high schooler got to the back, the only word they said were “Move”.

Why the Back Seat?
"It's cool I guess"
"It very comfortable and its cozy, it where the big kids sit"
"When I was little I always wanted to sit in the back because I thought it was cool"
Do you sit in the back now, because your older?
"Yes" - Answered out of 30 8th graders of EARJ

"When I was younger I would see the Highschooler's sitting in the back and talking and laughing and acting cool" "and at times they would push other kids around to get the back seat", "and I thought, I want to sit their one day"

"Do you sit in the back now?


For kids and even adults, being cool is not much a psyical problem, it's a mental problem. Their is pressure to act cool, to act mature because in your mind you want to be noticed, you want to be cared for. And in this day and age, not even this has stayed for more then 50 or 100 years. Because statues is everything, in jobs, school, home,

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