Graphic Design student by raquel ruiz

Hello my name is Raquel and i'm a student at manor new tech I also take graphic design class. Welcome to my portfolio in my portfolio you will see my art style in my work y'all will see that i'm a very sweet person and calm because my art style is smooth and calm I feel like a lot of the colors that y'all will see in my drawings will express that feeling . I personally feel proud of the drawings/ designs that I have made because at first I didn't know how all this worked but know I can express how I feel over a drawing .



This is one of the resents work that i have made with adobe i made this with the pencil tool the reason i chose to show y'all this pize is because it meaning full to me because this id my family crest in a modern way. This represents me and my personality and i like this art work i find it different from other stuff i have made.

Text Portrait:

This is another work that i created with illustrator and to make this i just created a shape and i would click on for the word to go on top of the shape and that's how ii created this. This is a famous person/ comedian the reason i chose to share this work with you is because as y'all can see this is something that you wont see as much and when i was making this this made me get really stress but i had fun and i like this work . I made this like in the middle of the year so i was still learning.

Card Game:

This is a work that i think was made with illustrator also as y'all can see this are cards and i made them for a card game for my class and this cards were so post to help people know how to get a job and how to keep it. This work was easy to make but i liked it because i actually dedicated my time to make my carts noticeable and to pop out this work i was really proud of. i made it like a month ago and i feel like this a good work to show y'all how i format things .

March 10 Warm-Up:

This was a warm up and as y'all can see its not such a big thing but i want to share with you because it looks so clean and nice . This was made some time ago but i'm proud of it because this was one of my warm ups that looked really in line and was not all messy .

March 6 Warm-up:

This is one of my warm ups that i made around the end of the year it was not that hard to make . I enjoyed making this because it was something different then usual. The only thing that i used to create this was the pen tool in adobe illustrator. The color in this work makes it look like its real and catches peoples attention and that's what i also liked from it.

Tetchy Warm- Up:

This is my warm up for this week as you can see its a hippo. The reason i choose to share this pies of work with you is because i'm really proud of how it looks i made it in adobe illustrator with the pin tool it toke me time but i dedicated time i know that its not the best from other work but, i like the color and the way that this work looks. I like that it calls peoples attention


This is my last pies and i believe that this one is the best because its just perfect in my opinion. i created it in adobe illustrator with the pen tool it toke me time but i liked the ending product . The reason i created this was because of my warm up and also because i wanted to create it it looks really cool in my opinion .


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