The Crisis Ride 19-22 June 2021

The 2020 event was postponed due to Covid 19

We're planning on running this on the 19th June 2021 with a limited number of 30 bikes

Crisis - Mission “Our Purpose is to end Homelessness”

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people

Date of Ride 19th - 22nd June 2021

Objective - To raise money and awareness for Crisis the charity for Homelessness. We are aiming to raise at least £30,000.

Event - A long distance motorcycle ride to raise funds and awareness for the charity Crisis. The ride will cover the key homelessness locations of London, Cardiff, Coventry, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Edinburgh. The event will last for three full days with at least three overnight stops.

Theme - Paying respect to all the ex-service personnel, many now homeless, and some who have died on the street, we will encourage riders to wear military dress to help publicise the event.

We will create a spectacular parade of bikes and bikers in each city we pass through. We aim to stop for a short while in each location to meet signatories and celebrities and to collect donations from the public.

Fund Raising Mechanisms - Registered Core Riders will ride the full three day route. registered Day Riders will ride smaller sections of the Ride. Riders will seek individual sponsorship through the Crisis Ride 2021 Virgin Money giving site. All monies will go straight to Crisis. There will be a competition for the Riders with the most sponsorship. Please ask sponsors to name you as the Rider when making donations.

We'll be raising funds through individual personal sponsorships, (hopefully) corporate sponsorship and collections from the public as we ride around the country. There's no minimum you need to raise in order to join us, but the more you can raise the better. Asking people for money can be awkward but if you're going to raise sponsorship you'll need to overcome this feeling. I've raised a lot in the last few years. here are my tips:-

  • Email every single address in your contact list, no matter how remote they are to youWrite a short note outlining what you're doing and why, illustrate with photos wherever you can. Personalise it to the person receiving it.
  • Private Message it to all your FB contacts
  • Message it to all contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

You'll probably get no more than a 10% response rate, but that's often enough to raise a lot of funds. Repeat this 2 or 3 times over the next few months. 

Contact Local Press, Bike Clubs and Motorcycle Dealers and ask for support

Thank all sponsors individually

Trade favours and services for sponsorship. Ask for sponsorship instead of socks for at Xmas and other celebration occasions

We will actively seek corporate support. At all the stops we will collect from the general public using authorised charity collection boxes.

Costs - Riders will provide their own motorcycles and cover their own travel, meals and accommodation costs.


Back Up Support - Pat Keenan (Independent BMW Motorcycle Technician), of Mobitec, will accompany the Ride providing a support vehicle for the event of any breakdowns and for luggage back up. We will also have an Chris and Stuart Van Cliff our Admin Team, in a car, sorting out the way ahead and dealing with any queries

Publicity - We will seek the involvement of all media outlets in all of the areas that we ride through.

The Route - We will avoid motorways wherever possible and pick out the very best of the biker friendly roads for our route

Route - Day One - Starting at 09:00 June 19th 2021 at the Ace Cafe London, then to Oxford, Cardiff, and Coventry
Route Day Two - Coventry, Sheffield, Manchester and finally Liverpool
Route Day Three - Liverpool, Hawes, Newcastle and finally Edinburgh

Accommodation - we'll be staying in budget hotels near the centres of the last stops of each day. Details will be made available nearer the time.

Numbers - we will limit the full Ride to 50 Core Riders riding the full route, there will be plenty of spaces for other Day Riders to join us on route.

Organisers - Please Register for the Ride with either

Nigel Lomas - niglom@gmail.com

Kevin Bilton - kevin.bilton@gmail.com

Please share this with your friends - www.crisisride.uk

Updates on Facebook and Twitter

Created By
Nigel Lomas


all photos by Nigel Lomas