Good Life Performance at Constans Theatre By: Nick Hallman

The Spatial Experience

When referring to Constans Theatre, the physical setting of the theatre played a vital role in contributing to the overall effectiveness in the delivery of the play. The seating in the auditorium is broad towards the back then narrows in like a funnel as the seats get closer to the stage. This causes the stage to appear closer then it actually is, especially for people in the back. During my viewing of this performance I was lucky, however, because the crowd wasn't large and I was able to sit very close to the stage. This presented the performance right in front of my eyes and allowed me to better analyze the production itself. It also allowed to hear the actors more clearly and louder, increasing the overall emotional resonance of the performance. Also, the whole room was dark and the stage was very bright, directing the entire audience's attention towards the stage. Similar to the layout of the auditorium, the quest for the good life is one that often involves a concentrated focus. Much like the audience focused on the stage, one must focus on his goals and what he hopes to achieve in his quest for the good life.

The Social Experience

When I attended this play, I went with my sister. To get ready I showered and made sure I looked presentable for the performance. Overall, I would say going to the play with someone I am close with was very beneficial. While at the play, we were able to whisper to one another to provide clarification or ask questions about certain scenes. After the play, we had a long discussion about the parts of the play we enjoyed along with some central themes and plot lines we both picked up on. It is important to have social experiences like this in the quest for the good life because often times we learn a lot about ourselves through other people. Additionally, in certain relationships people can help one another get through certain stages or chapters of life which would have been very difficult without the support of other people.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

During the course of the play, we see many issues present during that time period. Some of these issues include poverty, church involvement in government, and other general issues that we still deal with today. The central issue addressed in the play is the restriction the church put on theater, and more specifically Sarah Bernhardt, and how she reacts it it. Before attending the play, I knew that the church used to put limits on certain things but I didn't know it was ever that serious. The play really demonstrates how some things done at that time were very over dramatic and how society should be able to live the life chosen to live. The subject matter in the play definitely makes me question some of the restrictions imposed on the country as a whole and makes me cautious of certain boundaries the government may attempt to set.

The Emotional Experience

By viewing "The Divine," we as an audience were forced as an audience to take a step back and look at some of the problems we face today, ultimately internalizing what can be done to fix these problems. The play promotes katharsis, or "coming clean," because it really encourages us to be proactive and take some of the things we don't like and turn them into opportunities for us. Similar to how Sarah Bernhardt went against what the church told her and decided to perform anyway, we must take stagnant non opportunistic situations and replace them with situations that will lead to growth. In our quest for the good life, the journey is a constant struggle between doing too much and being too lazy. After viewing "The Divine," I will take on my journey for the good life with a little bit greater enthusiasm and take on certain situations with only the greatest positive outcome in mind.

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