Wind Turbines an environmental perspective

Wind turbines on the coast of Ontario's American border. Called "The Saudi Arabia of the Wind" Diagram 1
Process of how a wind turbine creates energy. Diagram 2
Also minimal space needed, no toxic/ hazardous materials released, and waste is recycled. Diagram 3

Looking at wind turbines from an environmental view, including referring back to my cost-benefit analysis, I believe that wind turbines should be continued to be used to produce energy in Ontario because: They produce no air pollution, they do not affect animal habitats, and the only resources needed to keep the wind turbine running is wind. Wind turbines produce no air pollution because when they produce electricity, no greenhouse gasses are produces. Since no greenhouse gasses are produced, no toxin is let out into our atmosphere. Wind turbines do not affect animal habitat because they only take up minimal space, and they do not need water to generate electricity. The only resource needed to create electricity is wind because wind turns the blades, which is connected to a generator which generates the electricity. *See Diagram 2 For Full Explanation*


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