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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wake up in the strange life of an autistic person? No? Of course you haven't. A teen with autism wakes up needs help with his breakfast needs help getting dressed and needs help with every other thing a teen does when they wake up. Imagine that most things that seem so easy so normal you do without thinking can be very difficult for other people. 1 in every 68 children are born with autism.

Autism in Society

Autism in society can be very tough for most teens. Most teens with autism don't want to be seen in public or in everyday life. This is where a group of students in chevy chase maryland came together and had an idea. A great idea! A prom for autistic teens. This prom would have a quite room for kids who needed to take a break and some other teens without autism to cheer on the party.“ On prom night volunteers invited autistic teens to dance with them and have a good time”. This allows Autistic teens to have fun at the party without embarrassment, pier pressure or anxiety. They are free to be themselves with no judge. “Camille Galli had the perfect dress for her big night at the autism prom”. Girls can get the experience of dress shopping with their parents which results in a closer relationship. Most of these teens said the prom had been the best experience of the life. Most autistic teens cannot function in society so nice and kind people must help.

The Effects

Most teens with autism are impacted dramatically from bullying to the mental disorder of autism. Teens in school have trouble socializing. “Most teens also have trouble communicating in school with other teens.” All they want to be is normal to hang out with friends to go to parties and have drama in their life. “Why am i not going to prom, Why am i not going to a party” “ teenage 16 year old Camille Galli often asks herself these questions. Often Autistic Teens practice dancing and socializing to gain skills for real life. “We’ve practiced dancing in big groups because it can be very challenging for autistic teens. These teens cannot function well in society and are extremely impacted by their abilities.


To support a teen with autism you need to care and be compassionate about their needs. Many kids from the autism prom who were volunteers to have fun with the autistic teens were very supportive with the autistic teens and really tried to have fun and enjoy the party with the autistic teens one volunteer “lauren kept teasing them into wearing a silly mustache so they could take a silly picture together.” a family brought their ten year old son to a james bond museum but took out anything that would scare the autistic boy. “The tweaks included lowering the volume at some exhibits,dimming the lights in others eliminating things that might disturb people with autism. Quiet areas were mapped out across the floor.” supporting a teen with autism isn't telling them to get you something, not asking them to “grow up”, It’s to have fun with them and take care of their needs.

The Judge

Thanks to all of these teens, children and grown ups with autism, so many organizations fundraisers and parties have all been made to help these kids with autism. This really gave america a new spirit and drive to fight this brain disorder because even people with autism should have a chance to be normal. There are impacts, effects and social issues for these teens that need to be helped. The next time you meet a person with autism, don’t judge a book by its cover.


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