Birmingham church bombing Asia O'Neil

The Birmingham church bombing was a terrible event that killed four young girls and injured many more. Racism between white and blanks pestered and began to escalate more and more until the kkk planted large deadly bombs under the front steps of a baptist church on 16th street.
The white supremacist group used fear tactics against the colored people. This didn't work as well as they had wanted so they moved to more violent plans. In the end the church was also used as a meeting-place for other civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, and Fred Shuttlesworth.
There were many things this group of people had to overcome, but they didn't give up. They couldn't even simply express their religion without being in harms way. One of the safest places was deemed too unsafe for anyone because of racism. They didn't let the bombing stop them from expressing their religion and going to other churches.
There are many incidents like the Birmingham church bombing. One that is like this is the Quebec mosque shooting. These two are related because they are both in a church and against one specific type of people

In this video, a women who rode the freedom bus, speaks about her experience and visuals of what she saw after the bombing.

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