Reverse Engineenering a Camera By: kyle maccagnan

Casing of the Camera: The job of the casing of the camera is to protect the insides of the camera from light and damage from outside objects that can damage the inside parts.
Shutter: The shutter is a part of the camera that prevents light until the user decides to take a picture then the shutter will open briefly to allow light to come in for a second before it closes again.
Lens: The lens of the camera are to redirect the beams of light let in when a picture is taken the beams of light are put together so it makes a image.
Film: The film of the camera is a light sensitive emulsion on a plastic base that when the shutter opens it captures a emulsion on it so a image appears on the film to produce the image people see.
Flash Circuit (Right): The flash circuit is a circuit that when activated will produce a short flash of bright light when the shutter is released in order to produce enough light to capture a picture on the film. Gas Discharge Tube (Left): Conducts an electrical current by moving electrons from one electrode to the other and this causes it produce visible light.

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