Triangle Fire How did The Triangle Fire affect fire safty laws? By Dalyla Reyes


Safety, the condition of being protected from. Did the triangle fire affect fire safety laws? Yes. They were more careful with safety law rules. There were many factors that contributed and most were prevented.


A man dropped a cigarette on a trash can full of cloths.


The flames started to spread all over the building, and made a big disaster.


One of the reasons, why work and school or more strict about rules is because they want to keep all kids/workers safe from danger. They also want the kids and workers to feel protected. There is also higher security in school and work. There are many things that can happen. The Triangle Fire Factory did make a big difference in safety laws. Also, if the fire in New York would of mot happend then the safety laws would be much different. The owners of The Traingle Factory also had other factories and it was hard for them to keep track for all there workers. The owners were not really responsible about all there factory's.


All in all, because they had so many factories and buildings the owners could not really keep up with them. Because the owners own a lot of factories, it was difficult for them to check every floor on the building.

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