Arctic Tundra a cool and dry biome

The Arctic Tundra is located far north just below the Ice Cap.

This is a photo of the Ice Cap.

The average temp in the summer at the Arctic Tundra is 3 Celsius to 12 Celsius. Cool summers here do not let the soil thaw, which means the result is the soil is frozen forever.

This is a photo of summer at the Arctic Tundra.

Plants grow slowly at the Arctic Tundra, but their is still plants their like mosses, hedges, and small shrubs are a few of the plants their. Believe it or not their is more then 900 types of flowers that grow their.

This is a plant that is found in the Arctic Tundra

Their is many different kinds of animals that live here like Polar bears, Oxen, Ground Squirrels, and Caribou. All these animals that live here have thick fur coats.

This is a photo of Polar bears at the Arctic Tundra.

The Arctic Tundra is known for its dessert like conditions and their is little rainfall at the Arctic Tundra.

This is a photo of the Arctic Tundra in a desert like condition.

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