On Liturgy By: Erek Colon

Liturgy is a form according to which public religious worship is conducted.
The Sacrifice of the Mass has the most scriptural evidence that Fundamentalists and Catholics are unaware of. It is essential to understand that the biblical picture of a sacrifice, and that is it is always a gift.
Liturgical activity is an act of love, in which we, the people, participate in the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for all of humanity, which is all of us.
The celebration of the liturgy should correspond to the genius and culture of the different peoples, In order that the mystery of Christ be "made known to all the nations to bring about the obedience of faith". It must be proclaimed, celebrated, and lived in all cultures in such a way that they themselves are not abolished by it, but redeemed and fulfilled. It is with and through their own human culture, assumed and transfigured by Christ, that the multitude of God's children has access to the Father, in order to glorify him in the one Spirit.
You know, there's a question that some people would ask about the Church, and that is, How is the Liturgy both unified and diverse in the Church?
Well, the answer is quite simple...
The answer is all of us.
The Liturgy is unified because we are all gathered together in the Church to celebrate the sacrifice made by Christ to us.
And the Liturgy is diverse because there is a variety of different people celebrating this sacrifice. It doesn't matter if you're African American, Asian, or even a Muslim. If you love or believe in God, then you can celebrate the sacrifice made by his Son.
"I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work." -Erek Colon

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