Superintendent Update October 2019

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Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education Grants - Surprise Announcements

5KOTG Success!

Just a few of the many Mount Airy City Schools students and staff members who came out to walk/run early Saturday morning.

The 15th 5K on the Greenway took place this weekend with a total of 344 participants! This race is a great partnership between Reeves Community Foundation and Mount Airy City Schools. We want to thank everyone who came out and participated in this fun community event! Special shoutout to Jones Intermediate School for winning this year's participation competition!

Surry YES!

Last year, Mount Airy City Schools held a contest in partnership with Business Networking International and Sue Brownfield. Three students were awarded money toward their businesses. The success and interest in this program grew and has now expanded to include all high schools in Surry County. The program has been named Surry YES!
2019 Contest is Open Now!

Students, if you ever wanted to start your own business, now is the chance. Enter the YESurry Entrepreneurship contest. Students can win cash prizes to start their own business and be paired with local business owners to develop their ideas. This is a real-life Shark Tank. Click on the link below to sign-up; all applications are due by October 21st. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Joyce.

SEL Taskforce Makes International Debut

Mr. Scott Dollyhite, Dr. Phillip Brown, Ms. Penny Willard, Mrs. Kini Brindle, and Mrs. Carrie Venable presented MACS two year journey of our Social and Emotional Learning Taskforce at the Inaugural SEL Exchange. There were more attendees from other countries than the USA. This group has returned with new ideas and connections to continue the great work of SEL. MACS was one of 1000 submissions. Only 130 were accepted. 65 were research-based and 65 were educator innovators.

Here are the videos shared during the poster session at the conference.

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Mount Airy City Schools is partnering with Care Net Counseling and Northern Regional Hospital to increase mental health awareness. Angst is an IndieFlix film about anxiety with youth discussing how their anxiety impacts them on a daily basis. The film lasts approximately one hour and then there will be a panel discussion following the viewing. Anyone in the community is welcome to attend. There is a $10 fee for lunch and seats are limited.

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In the News

Mount Airy City Schools NCCAT Beginning Teacher of the Year
On September 6, 2019, Ms. Kennedy Dockery, Jones Intermediate School fifth grade teacher, met with Penny Willard, Director of Innovative Programming, for what she thought was a one-on-one beginning teacher support meeting.

Ms. Dockery is a second year teacher with Mount Airy City Schools who is in tune to the social and emotional needs of her students. She proudly embraces being an educator who is excited to positively impact all students through her willingness to learn, reflect, and develop her craft of teaching.

Following this reveal, Dockery stated, “As a beginning teacher, I have received incredible support from the Mount Airy City Schools Beginning Teacher program. This program specifically supports and encourages beginning teachers through purposeful and intentional activities as well as monthly beginning teacher meetings. I am honored to be recognized as the Mount Airy City Schools NCCAT Beginning Teacher of the Year. “
2020-2021 Academic Calendar: Approved
Legislative Update

The General Assembly is passing mini-budget items but there is a stalemate on the overall budget. This is preventing staff from receiving any cost of living increases in their paycheck and keeping statewide bonuses from being paid out.

Upcoming Events

Wear your favorite superhero costume or shirt as you discover all the great programs and services offered through Mount Airy City Schools!
Our 7th Annual Community Night is happening Monday, October 21 from 6:00-8:00pm at Mount Airy High School.

Each campus will be represented through informational booths, educators, administrators, performances, and art work. Join us at 6:00pm for our free meal showcasing the warm, nutritious food provided daily by our School Nutrition Department. You can learn more about the innovative programming and services provided by MACS. Buses, sports, academic competitions, our homeschool partnership, performing arts, visual arts, and much more!

  • October is National Principals Month
  • October is National Bullying Prevention Month
  • October 21-25 is National School Bus Safety Week
  • Monday, October 21 is our 7th Annual Community Night 6-8pm at MAHS
  • Wednesday, October 23 is Jones Intermediate School's Blood Drive 2-6:30pm
  • Thursday, October 24 is the DLI Kick-off Meeting for families with rising kindergarteners interested in the dual language program. It begins at 6:00pm in Tharrington Primary School's Media Center
  • Friday, October 25 is MAHS's Tri-M Induction Ceremony
  • Friday, October 25 is Club Day at Jones Intermediate
  • Saturday, October 26 is MAHS's Haunted School House Event at MAHS from 8-10pm
  • Thursday, October 31 is Halloween
  • Thursday, October 31 is MAHS's Blood Drive
Testing Calendar

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Great Work!

Going the Extra Mile - September GEMs

We would like to recognize the entire BHT staff, who stepped up on the first workday of this school year to support one of our own. Due to last minute unforeseen changes, one of our teachers had to move to a new classroom on the morning of our first workday. In less than two hours, all staff jumped in to move and re-create this teacher's new classroom. Everyone maintained a positive attitude, knowing our students would ultimately benefit from this teamwork.

Jones would like to recognize Cub Scout Pack 538 who volunteered to do some work on the exterior campus of our school this summer. The Cub Scouts and their fathers came together to wash the fence, trim tree branches, and pull weeds. They have also offered to come back again! Thank you, Cub Scout Pack 538, for Going the Extra Mile!

Dean Combs and Howard Fulmor are recognized for their dedication and hard work during summer cleaning. Despite a shortened summer and a complete HVAC replacement, this custodial team was able to get our building ready for a new school year. Our campus continues to be clean and safe each day for our students and staff.

Each year, Livia Livengood goes above and beyond to support our Chinese Guest Teachers. On a daily basis, she mentors, encourages, provides transportation, and plans fun activities. She creates a loving, family atmosphere for our guest teachers and makes MAHS feel like home. Additionally, Livia and her family plant flowers annually around our memorial at the football gate entrance.

Going the Extra Mile goes out to Johnson’s Xtreme Softwash. Thanks to the Johnsons for helping us at a minute’s notice to make sure our campuses look wonderful and our children are well taken care of.

School Nutrition recognizes their middle school nutrition staff. Each of those women are upbeat and make you feel taken care of and "nourished." Recently, a teacher was starving and felt a little light headed and went to the cafeteria. Each woman leapt to assist her in getting a delicious plate of spaghetti. The women were eating their own lunch - taking a break before their service began, but took time to take care of the teacher, who felt bolstered, supported, and loved.

Laurie Chilton served all of MACS as our FLA Summer Camps Site Coordinator. We appreciate her going the extra mile to ensure that our students had a fun and innovative summer full of learning. Laurie worked many hours to make sure that family communications were strong throughout the summer. She worked closely with summer camp teachers, school nutrition team members, bus drivers, and administrators to make sure students were safe during the 6 weeks of summer camps!

Innovators of the Month

BHT would like to recognize Fabiola Pannutti as our Innovator of the Month. Fabiola has changed positions this year, going from a teaching assistant in our DLI program to leading our Spanish special area classes at BHT and at Jones. She has taken the initiative in her new role to design the beginning of an instructional curriculum that we know will grow our students in their exposure to learning a second language.

Jones would like to recognize Mrs. Gina Tompkins as Innovator of the Month. In her new role as the school's Interventionist, Mrs. Tompkins has embraced multiple ways to support students and staff. She is passionate about bringing the love of reading back to our school and spends time each day in the Media Center. Mrs. Tompkins attends common planning meetings and uses data to guide her instruction. Mrs. Tompkins will continue to play a key role this year as she addresses individual student needs.

Jennifer Epperson helped develop and pilot the new curriculum for the middle grades Exploring Healthcare Program. Her students gave input regarding content, graphics, and clarity of curriculum. Jennifer was recognized at the CTE Summer Conference for her work with this development program. Jennifer also serves on the NC HOSA Board of Directors.

Alicia Henson is able to balance the social emotional needs and academic needs of our students. During the enrollment process, she is able to meet individually with students and work closely with new enrollments. She creates a partnership with Surry Community College, the North Carolina Virtual Public School, and other agencies. Her dependability, attention to detail, and love of students is exceptional.

Innovator of the Month for CO is Bryan Cox. Bryan has helped to problem-solve many emergency facility situations this summer. I appreciate the fact that he meets with our partners that come to help with water leaks, electrical issues and HVAC issues. He spends a lot of time trying to make sure everything runs smoothly in MACS.

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