As of December 9th, during the AGM held in the hotel’s Salon La Lorca, Damien and Loraine Murphy took over as our Captains for the year ahead. Both are part of the club’s furniture, vastly experienced in all matters of golf, sociable to the nth degree, firm of mind and driven by boundless energy. The past two years have been very eventful. It is difficult to imagine 2020 being less so. We wish them well in their year of office.

Two other “new” faces will be on the Committee as well, behind the scenes by comparison but in key positions. Alison Kirk replaces Geoff Thompson as Secretary, whilst Caz Rosselli takes over the purse strings from outgoing Treasurer Brian Farmer. They will both find their hands quickly filling.

Committee ready to start the meeting.

31 Secretary checking his notes for the last time.

By the time this newsletter hits the website the official AGM Minutes should have been distributed so there is no intention to thunder steal by additional comment. Suffice to say (!!) that this was a slightly chaotic gathering, prolonged by disorderly debate at times, which may well be remembered for the vote on ‘Weekend Competition Format’. The voice of the people was clearly heard despite the contrasting views of Committee.


Europa hosted December’s first tournament on Tuesday 3rd in decent conditions and without incident or controversy. The scoring was not exceptional but the leading names had a familiar ring about most of them.

Jill Davies (37 and now off 14.6) finished well ahead of Liisa Lindstrom and Maggie Coombes, both on 31 but neither available the following Sunday so only the one photograph. Guess who? Right. Jill Davies.

35 was a popular score amongst the men with only handicap separating Arthur O’Connor (1), Allan Fotheringham (2) and Peter Penney (3).

L/r: 2 and 3.


A brief break from golf here as we pay tribute to Lionel Messi, recent winner of the Ballon D’Or for a record sixth time in his remarkable career which, despite his age now, shows no sign of wear or tear.

Lionel Messi as not often seen.


In keeping with the recent trend the golf, played on Campo Asia, Sunday 8th, posed numerical questions, a need for a keen eye on the day’s rules, and bonus opportunities galore. Little wonder the winning scores had an unbelievable ring about them? Actually the best score of the day earned no prize at all, just disqualification for not signing the card! Those who remembered to included the Los Altos Quartet who were definitely on song!

1st 122 points l/r: Pearl Fisher, Maria Winter, Mike Fisher, Heiko Winter
3rd 120 points l/r: Peter Penney, Loraine Murphy, David Wilson (3 only).

In second place, on handicap, with 120 points were Louis Lentelink, Matti Kaarnakari, Suzanne Valentin, Dorothée Schmidt, but none were on picture parade.

One who had cause for personal celebration was Peter Robinson, now thankfully back in our ranks, who was 82 on the day. Happy Birthday Pierre.

A few further words about Heiko and Marie Winter who, we think we are correct in saying, were playing in their first club event. Both ultra keen golfers they play almost every day when here, rising early, walking to and from the clubhouse despite having two vehicles at their disposal, play at enviable speed, and are to be seen walking back up the hill to home whilst some might still be clearing the breakfast table! A very friendly, good humoured couple, and very welcome in our midst. At last.

Come the evening it was time to make your way to the hotel where the Captains’ Farewell Dinner was held again this year. This is an important event in that all the major trophies and awards are handed out, which takes quite a time, understandably, and the outgoing leaders, Dean Moore and Monique Peters, got a chance to verbally report on their year as well as thanking the members for their support. However, the focus was elsewhere, on trophies and recipients, the long list of which/whom now follows.

Alan Jewett & Wendy Warren. Mixed Knockout Runners Up.

George & Alison Kirk. Mixed Knockout Winners.

Margaret Fotheringham & Laura Thompson. Ladies Doubles Knock Out Runners Up.

Mary Evans & Wendy Warren. Ladies Doubles Knock Out Winners.

Peter Edstrom

Mens Doubles Knock Out Runners Up (without missing Thomas Widegren).

Roy Davies & David Evans. Mens Doubles Knock Out Winners.

Alison Kirk with the Captains. Ladies Singles Winner.

Peter Edstrom. Mens Singles Runner Up.

Louis Lentelink. Mens Singles Winner.

Janice Marler. Ladies Medal Winner.

David Gilchrist. Mens Medal Runner Up.

Damien Murphy. Mens Medal Winner.

Laura Thompson. Ladies Medal Runner Up.

Loraine Murphy with the Captains. Ladies Stableford League Winner.

Geoff Thompson. Mens Stableford League Runner Up.

David Wilson. The Roy White Trophy.

Monique Peters. A few farewell words.

Richard Hinds & Louis Lentelink. Just a couple of swells, who eat in the best hotels!

Unfortunately Chris Slattery, Winner of the Mens Stableford League with an amazing average of 37.50 off his very low handicap, was not available for filming. Nor was Ursula Wetzel, Runner up in the Ladies version, or Anne Hannam losing finalist in the Ladies Singles. Pity.


There were 75 players here at LCR on the original date planned for this end-of-season jolly. Unfortunately the heavens discharged fulsomely and play never even began. On Wednesday 11th. a mere 38 returned to play Campo Europa in warm, dry and sunny conditions. Doubtless many of the missing had already headed home for Christmas. Who knows? What we do know is that the winning score in the 2 ball better ball battle was 43 points, achieved by our very own Peter Edstrom/Matti Kaarnakari and visitors Francisco Rodriguez/Ernesto Ruiz. The David Wilson/Peter Penney combo came third with 41 points. No pictures were taken despite the proliferation of mobile telephones!

The one on the right is Cheyenne Woods, niece of a famous uncle. The one to the left is unknown but may be to some members? The sweat shirt, like many others for our Academy, is sponsored by our most recent Past Captain.


Thursdays have become a fixed part of the male calendar since David Wilson took over the administration of a more formal Roll Up competition, one which swiftly gathered more support and is now enjoyed by 40+ members every week. Part of the attraction are the rules which vary constantly, dangle all sorts of scoring carrots, and lead to some amazingly high winning scores. David also initiated an end of season dinner, to which your Scribbler has been invited and attended, but was unable to accept this time. Hence, one suspects, David’s reference to the missing photographer. The newsletter has never “covered’ Roll Up events because a) it isn’t an official competition and b) David (or whoever is in charge that week) circulates a report to all “Roll up members” every week, and short it is not. The following contribution from him is included with pleasure, however.

"The Christmas dinner at El Jinete was, by all accounts, a great success. The food was good, the company great, the speeches were so-so and we were joined by Iain and Peter Marler, who could not take part in the golf. The first were there before 18:30 and some of them were still there at 23:30. Forty-two for golf and forty-three for dinner indicates to me that it is worth continuing with the roll-up for at least another year. I will need some help next year particularly in the period from February 10 to March 10, when I shall be incommunicado - volunteers are always welcome”

Tattoo artiste Damien ensures Rob Garner will remember the evening.

I was the only one to make a speech, apart from Richard Hinds to thank me for managing the roll-up in 2019. There were some 20 roll-uppers who helped me out on the Thursdays that I was not physically in La Cala, who were rewarded with boxes of chocolates. Everyone left with a golf ball and most with chocolate goodies as well. I heard no complaints about the food or the drink, but we could not hear the music as we were all making too much noise. I mentioned all those who could not play golf for extended periods of time due to illness or injury - Roger Dew, Erling Johnsen, David Moody, Damien Murphy, Peter Robinson, Vic Hilliard. I mentioned the octogenarians amongst us, Iain, Erling, Peter Robinson and Peter Penney but forgot Peter Hatton - he looks so young! We were joined by Flavio and Robert Mitchell.”


“The Rules session on the afternoon of December 6 was well attended with some 20 (mainly ladies) present. It lasted some two hours with no formal presentation but just questions and answers and might well have gone on longer, but Monique, Loraine and I had a Committee meeting to attend. Alan Jewett and I were able to answer all the questions raised, hopefully correctly.

Another unknown and too young yet for golf. Only included because this adorable little baby was born profoundly deaf. Months later, courtesy of modern technology, his mother’s voice was heard for the very first time, the moment captured on television. The joy and wonder on the face and in the voice brought tears to the eyes. A very emotional occasion.


Tuesday the 10th on America, where buggies don’t allow trespassing on forbidden turf, the month’s stroke play competition produced two qualifiers for October 2020 Finals Day. In the absence of any general comment let us go straight to the background for publishing relevant pictures.

Courteously mentioning ladies first it really came as no great surprise to find Laura Thompson being able to relax for the next ten months by means of her nett 75. Mind you Liisa Lindstrom ran her close. Same score but missing out on handicap. Cathy Gulya was third with 76.

L/r: Liisa & Laura.

Stuart Bewley, fresh from diverting attention at the AGM, registered a commendable nett 74, with Hans Linderborg one shot behind and Pat Reid third with 76. Lady Captain Loraine Murphy drew attention to Pat’s run of consistent play before handing out bottles and vouchers on the following Saturday.

L/r: Stuart & Pat.


A book of this name has found its way to my desk and an absorbing read it is too. First published in 2004 it was written by Duncan Lennard, a professional golfer who wrote travel features for golf magazines. There are just four chapters in this book. “Location Location Location”, “In the Rough”, Courses for Concern” and “Golf by Design”. Lennard provides descriptions and photographs of 31 courses, world wide, all personally played, although played is not always an appropriate word. Bolivia’s La Paz GC is the world’s highest at 2 miles above sea level. Alice Springs in Australia the hottest. Ushuaia, Argentina the most southerly. Furnace Creek Resort, California, the lowest. Lucifer’s Anvil GC in the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert the bleakest. Thermal golf is available at Rotorua GC which is also known for its overpowering smell of sulphur. St. Andrews gets a decent mention but did you know that local womenfolk are still allowed to wash their clothes in the famous Swilcan Burn that crosses the 1st and 18th holes, though they must be careful not to violate a local bye-law that forbids you to stir up the silt at the bottom. Some of the positions on the book’s league table of clubs may have been overtaken now by the passage of time – but it is hard to imagine it. Well worth a read.


In a near gale force wind nine teams braved the elements on Europa, Saturday 14th. It was dry. It was sunny. The blue tees were in ultra friendly positions, occasionally nestling in friendly fashion right alongside the reds! The ladies were not impressed. A sense of unfairness was palpable. For my own part it was a joy just to be playing again after nearly a month’s absence from even club touching, but this happy mood was short lived as rust took over, reaching down to get the tee in the ground demanded extra effort, and the feeling that the team was being let down grew hole by hole! My partner in the “Texas Pairs” was amiable Pat Reid, playing very well himself, and only outwardly concerned about me getting my minimum seven drives in. Nary a critical comment. At least not voiced. He deserved better.

At the following prize giving came news that Captain Damien Murphy had successfully undergone surgery on his left knee during the week, was in some discomfort, but would be home the following day, which he was. It also came to notice that he had set himself a deadline for playing golf again. March 17th 2020. St. Patrick’s Day would you believe. Now there is a surprise?

Left on her organisational own Loraine Murphy enlisted the experienced aid of Peter Marler who is currently operating on crutches following an accident to an ankle, this explaining my “Legless Pair” paragraph heading which might have suggested something more indulgent. Having helped with the score cards Peter, temporarily minus support, announce the three best scores as follows:

1st 66.6 points l/r: Janice Marler & Alan Jewett.
2nd 66.9 points l/r: Jill & Roy Davies.
3rd 67.7 points l/r: Geoff & Laura Thompson.


On June 2nd 2020 the “Richard Johnson Service” will be held in St. Bride’s Church, Fleet Street, London as it has been for many, many years. The preacher will be the former Bishop of Norwich who will, as requested by Richard Johnson in his last Will & Testament, take on the topic of Vita Humana Bulla Est (Life is a Bubble) for his sermon. The choir of St. Bride’s is of the highest standard and their annual rendition of West Ham’s “signature” tune is an emotional experience for those with blue and claret blood in their veins. Like me. Our office was in Fleet Street for half a working lifetime, a very short walk from the church, so a target for this musical treat every year when work permitted. Usually followed by lunch just up Ludgate Hill in Stationers’ Hall in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Somewhere in our collection of CD’s there is the choir’s recording of the anthem which nostalgically is played from time to time. Brings back happy memories of the Chicken Run, as was.

Upton Park, East London. Our “home” as was.

Harping back to the paragraph heading, and the song sung like a hymn both home and away, prompted some research which led to a disappointing outcome. It didn’t feature in the all time greats list which, for those of musical interest, is as follows:


A glance at the scores for Tuesday 17th suggested difficult playing conditions but apparently they were not so. It is reported by a knowledgeable and experienced member that “There had been rain overnight but the breeze and the sunshine made for reasonable playing conditions. Europa was in excellent shape, the greens fast and true, the fairways a bit ‘tight’, so there was no real reason for low scores”.

One lady who drew attention for two reasons, her 38 points not being one of them. First of all she was a Guest and thus not qualified to win. Secondly, it is improbable that we have ever had anyone with such a lengthy and unpronounceable name!! Well played Svetlana Valentinoua Kripaytite. Easy to say Ursula Wetzel came next with 34, whilst Hazel Gilchrist, so easy to say and write, third with 33.

Chris Slattery’s excellence continues, his 36 points being the best of the men. Michael Robbins, still capable of surprising us, second with 33, whilst Richard Ledgard was the third worthy of mention on 30.

The web site’s full list of players/results shows three “No Shows” which has an unfamiliar ring about it? Perhaps part of a new ‘name and shame’ policy.


This has been a better year for contributions, little difference in responses, but a significant one in terms of production change. Jose and/or Ivan still play a part, and still make this Scribbler welcome, but personal involvement is now minimal. Ideal from LCR Management viewpoint because it frees up their time for sales and marketing matters, but also helpful on our side of the fence. The text and photo allocation remains my responsibility but it is Dorothée Schmidt who has made a world of difference. Very experienced in web design, creative, extremely efficient and responsive, a joy with whom to collaborate. We now have more space, more pictures, and can control our own deadline. A very positive step forward for all concerned.

Dorothee Schmidt.

Nor should, or will, your editor forget Judi Lentelink’s input. This fount of all knowledge, keeper of records, a club enthusiast of long standing, casts her eyes over the text just prior to publication, not to edit the content (although she does express a personal opinion now and then!) but to correct typos, name spellings, scores, and accuracy of fact. All very helpful but, said he modestly, the monthly list grows smaller.

Judi Lentelink.


First of all we have to say that the following lines were written after Jack finally approved this newsletter and before going online (sorry, Jack).

"Our big THANK YOU also goes to the long-term editor of our monthly newsletter, Jack Perry. He amazes all members constantly with his humorous and incomparable reports about what has happened in the club‘s life for many years. We all appreciate the big effort he puts into it and we can’t wait to read the latest scribbling. On behalf of all the members, MANY THANKS, DEAR JACK".

Dorothée & Judi


“My place is among my students every morning at the forefront of the daily mission of education and honesty. I want to show them that kindness wins over violence, culture wins over ignorance, a smile defeats anger, and irony beats hatred. Teaching them not to point knives but books and to replace aggressive behaviour with hugs”.

Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if more young people listened?


After all the hard work put in by our greenkeeping team, to say nothing about the organisers, marshalls and volunteer members, it was Mother Nature who ruled this year’s gathering of aspiring young professionals, as this submitted report explains.

“Damien Murphy Jr, played in the recent Alps Tour held in La Cala from December 15th to 21st. It was a week of sun for some and storms for many. The qualifying rounds held on December 15th/16th were played on all 3 courses with a false sense of security given to players on day one as they teed off in beautiful sunny weather. Day two the temperature had dropped slightly and the winds picked up leaving a number of players unable to reach the first cut of +4. There was a 6 man playoff on Asia at the end of the day and it took 3 goes at the 18th hole (with the final group playing at first light on Wednesday) to reduce the starting field down to the final 144 players. Thursday 19th dawned as wet and muddy as could be following a deluge all day Wednesday but the courses had dried out sufficiently to allow play to go ahead at 09:15hrs. The same was not to be said for Friday 20th ! More rain overnight meant a close call for The Alps Tour Organizer and the La Cala Green Keeping Staff but play could start at 09:15hrs.. However by 10:30hrs it became apparent as it started to rain again that the courses were quickly becoming waterlogged and play slowed as finding a point of relief from casual water became impossible. Play was suspended at 11:00hrs and from then onwards it was on/off until a further 4 holes could be played at 15:00hrs. However at 16:00hrs play was suspended for the day. Unfortunately it meant that the competition had to be reduced to 36 holes with the final round cancelled. The players teed off on Saturday morning in sunshine and managed to get their second rounds completed by 13:00hrs. The top 65 received their 2020 full tour card with the remaining players receiving a category 9 tour card. Young Damien managed to grind it out and finished on level par and joint 32nd place to earn his full card.”

Damien Murphy Jr.

The hard working winner was Bradley Bawden with a 9 under par performance.


What with Brexit and all the other major events of the year it is unlikely the new Rules of Golf will stick in mind so here is a reminder of the main changes. Still, like VAR, a topic of conflicting comment.


The Ladies Senior League involves a series of matches against other clubs in the region of Málaga. These are popular games, just friendly encounters followed by a common lunch and a high level of hospitality. This year again the aim is to give all interested members a chance to participate. The cost is 25 euros per person. This includes a round of golf, buggy, pre-match coffee, lunch and drinks afterwards. The dates for this season are now available in our Members’ Area section under the heading “INTERCLUB”. A warm welcome awaits you if you sign up and enjoy the 2020 matches.


Christmas Eve on Europa, Tuesday 24th, very small field not too surprisingly, but another outstanding show from Chris Slattery. 40 points left him well clear at the head, with Richard Ledgard 34 and Ultan Whelan 28 returning more human scores. The Ladies, by comparison, were not at their very best, Jing Kruppa claiming first place with just 32 points, followed by Janice Marler 30, and Dianne Tomlin 30

L: Chris collects his winner’s voucher. R: Lonesome Richard.


Some members will know that Lilian and I spent Christmas in Kinsale, Ireland. Guests of Brian & Muriel Elmore whom many will remember as both members and owners here for some years. The weather was grey, miserable, cold and wet to the extent that we only ventured out from front door to car! However, it was a Christmas to remember because the four of us did little but sit, eat, drink, read, converse, argue a bit, remember old times and friends, and mentally prepare the very necessary Resolutions list for 2020. The highlight of the week was our visit to one of FBD’s five hotels, situated about seven miles outside Waterford and with a great history and reputation. We were very warmly greeted by Manager Liam Moran who was familiar with this newsletter and had played golf here in November so knew of all the improvements. All his team were friendly in the extreme, efficient, welcoming, and good fun. There are cottages in the grounds but we were in The House, which dates back to 1783. We were only there for one night but breakfast, lunch and dinner were all special occasions, the log fires contributing to the ambience. This is an unsolicited “advertisement” by way of thanking Liam and his team, with the suggestion that anyone finding themselves close would enjoy the experience of a visit.


This took place on Europa, Sunday 22nd, the rules relatively simple by recent standards. “The exact playing handicaps of each team player are added together and 10% of this total is deducted from the final strokeplay score for the 18 holes to give the team result.” One is tempted to ask “why” but instead will simply list the best three with their cheerful countenances.

1st 61.2 points l/r: Ultan Whelan, Jing Kruppa, Karl Haas (three only).
2nd 62.1 points l/r: Chris Slattery, Tony Slattery, Amie Slattery, Chris Park.
3rd 62.3 points l/r: Gerry Rippinger, Stuart Bewley, Cameron Bewley, Arlene Doyle.

Also during the prize giving Chris Slattery was given his Stableford League trophy by Janice Marler, deputising for the captains. A very well deserved honour for Chris.

Amongst the photographic backlog came l/r Marjan Van Wyck and Hazel Gilchrist. Ursula Wetzel should have been there but was already home in Germany sipping hot wine.



Was how organiser Loraine Murphy described the competition played on Asia, Saturday 28th, but officially listed as a Captain’s Choice event. After a week of players coming and going, ‘flu taking its usual Christmas toll, there were sufficient left to try their hand at a set of rules which included Red Ladies playing off the Green tees, Blue Men off the Red tees, and Yellow Men off the Blue Tees.

It was a day not to be quickly forgotten by ever smiling Karl Haas who managed to dip himself in the pond on the 12th. All had been going swimmingly until then! Karl thought his ball was in the water. Saw a ball, reached for it but it wasn’t his. As he turned to go back up the bank he slipped into the water up to his neck. Fortunately help was to hand and after a rub down with Wendy’s towel he managed to keep playing and was duly rewarded for his grit.

1st 101 points l/r: Steve Tomlin, Janice Marler, Hazel Gilchrist, Richard Hinds.
2nd 97 points l/r: Mike Robbins, Pat Reid, Dorothée Schmidt, Marjan Harman.
3rd 94 points l/r: Karl Haas, Wendy Hinds, Roger Harman, Richard Ledgard.

During the round someone in Richard Ledgard’s team chose to putt out of a bunker, a very common occurrence here before sand arrived in my experience, but not in Richard’s it seems. “I have never seen such a thing in 40 years of playing this game” he later said.


Results and details have yet to be published, and photographs will not be ready before we close this issue. For coverage please see our first 2020 edition!


It doesn’t seem that long ago since we were all getting excited about the Millennium, what to do, where to go, with whom to share the occasion? Now here we are 20 years into another century, almost at the end of another newsletter, and time to wish all members, staff, and Management well, but in what language? Mandarin is the most spoken so guò nián hão , followed by Spanish so Feliz Año Nuevo. In third place is English so that’s easy. Fourth, with over 400 million users, is Hindi which brings in naya saal mubaarak ho. In Dorothée Schmidt’s native tongue they say Frohes neues Jahr so from her and me, taking the easy route, A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.