Mustelids Ferrets, Stoats and Weasels

Mustelids are a diverse group of small to medium-sized, meat eating animals.
Three species occur in New Zealand, the ferret, the stoat, and the weasel.
Ferret - Stoat - Weasel
Mustelids were first introduced in the 1880s to control New Zealand’s growing rabbit plagues (another introduced species out of control). Unfortunately they had a limited effect on rabbit populations but are now the main predator of rodents and birds over the whole country.
Mustelids are a major threat to the survival of New Zealand’s native birds and animals.
Mustelids enter the nests of our precious creatures, they eat the eggs and the young.
Flightless birds (such as kiwi), and birds that nest in holes (such as kaka) are particularly vulnerable.
Kaka's make wood chipped lined nests in holes in trees, here the healthy clutch of eggs are vulnerable to pillaging by mustelids. The new chicks are also a tasty meal for these pests.

Predator Free 2050 have funded a Taranaki group to eradicate pests from their region.

There are three main options for controlling mustelids on your land. Trapping, poisoning and fencing.

Examples of various types of traps, trapping must be intensive and monitored to address pests in particular areas.

For specific information in your area and to get assistance in controlling mustelids, contact your local regional council.

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