DTC #31: I.O.T.I.N.O. As you journey through the strangeness just remember, "it's ok that it's not ok".

📷: @marniewashere





You thought you knew Korean BBQ until you step to this place.

Possibly join a religion during the strangest street show you’ve ever seen.

Grab a drink and a coin opp game in a joint that brings the whole night together.

Led by “Jeffrey’s Human Persona” this quasi-religious show has been bringing people to the same corner for more than 10 years amassing hundreds of original songs and performances.

📷: @theaustinwalker

Stop 1

The most interesting Korean BBQ in LA

• 8pm til 9:30pm •

📷: @mushdaikanai

Arriving to the sleepy block you’re first taken aback by the plethora of Korean BBQ joints just before the beautifully dense aroma hits your palette. Choosing the correct one would seem to be a hard decision but there’s one that rises above them all, Jae Bu Do. Queuing up outside is a hassle but it’s the only way in. Once you enter the abundance of shellfish roasting on an open fire is incredible. With white glove in hand the familiar steps to this dance are interrupted by abalone, shrimp, and delights like you’ve never tasted before. Taking a pause you realize the 20 something’s and families next to you have this jig down pat. After the empty shells stack up you sadly give up your table for the next round of food adventurers. It’s all good though cause you have a "show" to attend.

Alternative: If the lone is too long and you need to get eating head across the street to Western Doma Noodle. Get the stew!

Stop 2

the greatest corner show in l.a.

• 9:30pm til you're converted •

📷: @filmrooster

Two blocks south a small crowd is collecting around the corner of Elmwood and Western for Almighty OpP. Street kids, hipsters and locals walking dogs all pause and focus their attention to the small stage beneath the ornate “box” that shouldn’t be there. The gentle hum of a Casio-esque beat transitions into original guitar tunes with lyrics that are a surreal blend of the uplifting and macabre. Your attentions digs deeper into the minaret show as you happily oblige to become part of the community by shaking hands and giving hugs to perfect strangers. The show is as enthralling as it is long but don’t feel bad if you head out early. Some pinball machines are waiting for you right down the street.

Stop 3

Grab a drink, cause it’s ok.

• post OpP •

📷: @blipsybar

Perfectly unmarked and unlit the entrance to Blipsy Bar is easy to miss but hard to not pass through. Finely juxtaposed between dark dive bar and glowing arcade room your first stop inside is to chat with the beertend. A stiff cocktail is the perfect companion as you happily stroll to the coin machine. Pinball? Off Road? Maybe that weird clown minaret game at the front is calling your name? “I can do this as good as them out on the street!”, a thought that quickly fades after a failed attempt at puppet dancing. A few games, a few drinks and you start noticing throughout the bar the connection to the neighborhood, to Almighty Opp, to the strangest BBQ you’ve ever had in your life and you realize, it’s ok that it’s not ok...


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