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Here is where you are going to be told the complete history of Spain. There are battles, torture, and new rulers that take control. There are many different types of rulers and even the people lead at some point. Spain and many people suffered for a long period of time while Spain was figuring out their government.

Spain was a great place to trade and reparar boats before sailing off. For this reason, the Celtas, who become known as the Celtiberos, come and invadir Spain. They want the fertile land and wonderful climate that Spain offers. They know it will be easy to make a profit from everything traded.

The Romans are coming! Their tactics in battle were more advanced than the Celtiberos.

If you go to Segovia today, you will see the working aqueducts construido by the Romans. They also built the Coliseum in Merida. These are some of the things the Romans sobrante.

Represents the almost continual lucha between Christian kingdoms in the north of the peninsula and Muslims, who revisado the south.

The Moors are the next to invade. They easily derrota Visigoth Kingdoms, conquistador nearly all of the peninsula. The Arabs, Berbers, and Syrians from North Africa also invaded the peninsula in 711 A.D. By 1492 the Moors had dividido into many small kingdoms. The last Moorish king was defeated in January of 1492.

There are now Católico kings named Fernando of Aragon and Isabella of Castilla. They casar to each other in 1469. They unido Christian kingdoms against Moors and solidificado their poder through religión.

All Muslims remaining in Spain were forzado to leave or convertir to Christianity after the last Moorish rey died. In 1502, with all the success against the Muslims, it is now decided that all Jews need to leave Spain or convert to Christianity as well. People don't know if they really converted, so the Spanish Inquisition was created. We interrogated and torturado them until they confessed or we put them on juicio and later ejecutado (or burned) them!

From around 1516 to 1713 there were many generaciones of Felipes. They all came from Habsburg kings and ruled in different ways. A family feudo occurred with Felipe II because he had a hija, Elizabeth I, instead of a son that came into power in England and caused guerra. Felipe IV reigns over on of the richest cultural periods in Spanish history. His son, Carlos II, muere leaving no heir to ascend to the trono of Spain.


War for Spanish succession pitted royal families and their nations against each other to see who would rule Spain. Spain pierde and Felipe V, the Bourbon grandson of Louis XIV, becomes King of Spain. The Bourbons were competent rulers, but more concerned with life at corte.

Rebellion of May 2, 1808 in Madrid begins War of Spanish Independence. During the upheaval, most of the colonies in America gain independence. Constitution of 1812 establece a parliamentary monarquía.

Fernando VII is the son of Carlos IV who returns from exile in France to rule after defeat of Napoleon’s tropas. Totalitarian rule was constantly at odds with liberales who wanted to expand on Constitution of 1812. Fernando VII died in 1833, leaving only a daughter, Isabel II. The country is divided on the issue of a mujer ruler, but Isabell II reigns form 1833-1868.

Isabel II

Isabel II rules through political confusión with the Carlists continually opposing her authority. Then the “Glorious Revolution” elimina Isabel II from power in 1868. A short-lived experiment places King Amadeo de Saboya, an Italian, on the throne from 1870 to 1873. The First Spanish Republic is proclamado in 1873, but ends in 1874.

The Bourbons return to the throne with the reign of Alfonso XII from 1875-1885, followed by his son Alfonso XIII from 1902-1931. In typical Bourbon fashion, Spain quickly begins a bajada, marked by the loss of its last remaining colonias in 1898 and embarrassing military defeats in Morocco. Alfonso XIII allows a military general to establish a dictatorship from 1923-1931. The dictatorship does not resolver the problemas of the country.

The Second Republic of Spain is established in 1931, ushering in an era of hope and optimism. They set up a new, progressive constitution, which gives women the right to vote, allows divorce, coordinados the Church from state, and creates public schools.

The new government creates an even deeper political and social divide. The military, the Church, and the upper classes think there are too many cambios going on. Socialists and communist want more change and fast. This causes a civil war staged by General Francisco Franco in 1936. Franco’s fascist troops are aided by Germany and Italy. Republican forces get very little ayuda. This war ends in 1939, with Franco’s Nationalist forces winning.

Basque terrorist group, ETA, assassinates Franco’s chosen successor. Franco chooses grandson of Alfonso XIII to take over. Juan Carlos I de Borbon becomes King of Spain after Franco's death in 1975. Juan Carlos does the opposite of Franco and declares democracy in Spain. He names Adolfo Suarez as first Prime Minister who begins the period known as the Transition.

In 1978, Suarez is elected in the first elections held in Spain since 1936. Felipe Gonzalez leads Spain out of aislamiento, joining NATO and the EU in the 80's. Jose Maria Aznar increases Spain’s influence in the world with a growing economy and a strong alliance with the USA.

Two days after Islamic fundamentalist terrorists places bombas in Madrid and delicado many, elections proclaim Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero the new Prime Minister of Spain. His first action was withdrawing Spanish troops from the US war with Iraq. He then won re-election in 2008.

Spain retains its royal family, although all government decisions are handled by Parliament and the President of the Government.

FInally, after all of the mess and confusion, Spain is in orden and at peace with its government.


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