The Overdue Apology By paden burnside

A long highway, surrounded by nothing. Going on and on, nothing in sight. Rocks and sand, no sign of life anywhere. One road going nowhere. The weather was cold and rainy. Sometimes you could see lightning bolts strike the ground. It was foggy and hard to see.
Tom Brady is driving on a highway and hears a thump. He hit a monkey named Boots. He stopped and asked “Are you ok?” “I'm fine. My leg just hearts a bit.” Boots said. Tom Brady got in his car and left. Boots was upset though. He was upset because Tom Brady never said sorry. Boots called 911. They were there within 1 minute. Then their I was, The Investigative Reporter. Usually the weather is really, really hot, but today it was cold, cloudy,foggy, and drizzling. It was hard to see even a few inches in front of you.
Tom Brady was driving on the highway and his car’s tire flung up a rock and broke his back window. He was distracted by it and looked back at his window. He kept driving while he was looking back and didn't see what was in front of him. So suddenly he hit a bump. He stopped and got out and saw it was Boots.
Boots and I were talking about what happened. He said “He was driving like, 1,000 mph, and clearly looking back. I saw his lights getting closer and closer, but I thought he'd stop.” I asked him “did he get out to ask if your ok or did he keep driving?” Boots replied “He got out asked me if I'm ok, but he didn't say sorry.” “OMG!!!” I said. “This isn't the first time he hit a medium sized animal and didn't apologize.” The police then sent out a bounty of $1,000,000 to get Tom Brady. Boots saw the reward so he decided to go after him.
Boots gets in my reporting van and yelled “LET’S GO!!!” I got in the van and he started driving like a maniac. We drove for a while. We drove as fast as the van could go so we could catch up to Tom Brady. Suddenly Boots came to a hard stop, but not hard enough. There was a cliff. There was a bridge but it broke. We fell off the cliff, but boots and I jumped out in time. Boots grabbed a tree with me in his hand. He thought to himself “If I throw him above on the cliff he can get a vine and pull me up.” He threw me on top of the cliff. He told me to toss down a vine to him and pull Kim up.I then threw down a vine for him. He grabbed it and I pulled him up. We turned around and saw Tom Brady eating a sandwich. We kicked him in the shin and quickly tied a vine around his hands. We called the cops to bring a helicopter. The cops were there quickly and Boots and I got our reward.

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