The United Archipelagos of Carribea Reside by the sea, Safe in the starS

Welcome to the United Archipelogos of Carribea also known as the U.a.c.

"Our community is a series of archipelagos stationed in a small, satellite object orbiting the Earty as a second moon. We are a scientific and technologically advanced society that was [made] when the Earth is corrupt with war and unsafe conditions for life. Our purpose is to live and thrive in an environment with no bias or strong arguments. We are also making our best efforts to protect and conserve the corrupted Earth before us, so that we may be able to revitalize it, therefore making it a safe and habitable place like it was in the past" -An excerpt from an advertisement on Earth

An ocean view of one port to Carribea although most subways can be found underground.

The four stunning islands are named as folljowed: Carribea, Botania, Equatia and Mountania. Carribea, the main island, is the most advanced city known to mankind. With towering skyscrapers,and bustling urban life, Carribea City is the heart of all trade and commerce between islands.

Bontania and Mountania: Both full of nature and wildlife. Perfect for anyone who wants an escape from city life. Botania known for its warm climate and forests and Montania with a distinct winter season with mountains and snow.

Equatia: The land of the tropics. It has the largest preserved coral reef and is perfect for anyone looking for the typical beach experience.

The United Archipelogos of Carribea isn't here to just help the environment. We are here to help you.

Here at the U.A.C. all medical cost, schooling and basic housing are free. There is no bias or strong hate towards one another. We can cure anything and have the best healthcare ever to exist. Lastly, We have a stable eco-efficient community and government.

Our credit cards which will only charge your account when a retinal and facial recognition are completed.
Our great nations flag, easily recognized from the U.A.C.'s national colors or paradise parrot which is on every official document or items.
So come, relax anD never forget The United Archipelagos of carribea; reside by the sea, safe in the sTars.

Questions and Answers:

Q: You mentioned how your subways are mostly underground, what do you mean?

A: We have an incredible underground metro that leads from island to island and is the best transportation to ever be invented.

Q: What do you have its a form of education?

There are four levels of school that in order to advance, you must pass. Grades 1-3 learn basic skills and are tested and put into different groups in 4-6 according to intelligence and prior knowledge. After 6, students will begin looking at careers that interest them. Grade 10 students must pass all the test for required subjects and two or more subjects of interest.

Q: What are the careers available?

A: A select few government officials, Wildlife and nature preservers, teachers, professors, coaches, urban development, scientist and inventors.

Q: Besides school and work what can you do in your free time?

A: There is plenty of fun to go around. Because of the fact that we are located on islands, water sports are common. This includes snorkeling, diving, water polo, etc. There is also hiking, biking and cross country.

Q: Earlier you mentioned getting rid of discrimination. How do you plan on achieving this?

A: We have built a device that can erase memories from your mind. Although it seems scary to think about, it's safe and will never cause you harm. The memory device is used by only the highest ranking officials and only takes out memories of discrimination against anyone or anything. It is in no way harmful.

Q: You are on a small planet circling Earth. We saw a view from your planet to earth and was wondering what it all meant.

A: Humans have destroyed the Earth beyond repair. In the view from the U.A.C. You might spy a dark brown spot. That is where the Earth is nothing but death. We fled up here and created a habitat for animals and humans alike to be safe in. We created a dome (another incredible work of ours) that transforms any awful gases produced from cities to a clean and eco friendly gas to be released back into the atmosphere.

Q: Anything else to add?

A: We here at the United Archipelogos of Carribea would like to thank you for joining us. And before we return, any questions?

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