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Week 1 - Business Card

This truly feels like home. I haven't done Desktop Publishing in a while. It was good to work on InDesign again. I started over 20 years ago with Quark X Press and Adobe PageMaker.

I followed the tutorial as best as possible and did some minor improvs. Decided to work on a business card for one of my favorite artists, Tori Amos.

Version 1.0

Back of Business Card
Front of business card

Version 2.0 (after feedback)

Back of card
Front of card

I used the color palette of her album "Tales of a Librarian".

Tales of a Librarian source material

I used Adobe Fonts Lipa Agate and Minion 3 Caption, both are a set from the Business Card Package.

I used existing illustrations online and applied the Trace Image effect in Illustrator to manipulate the colors and vector shapes.


Week 2 - Social Media Ads

​Buy now.

Well. I just created my 3 social media ads in InDesign. I started by using Adobe Color and creating an Adobe Color Theme. Launched it in InDesign and used that as my base colors.

Adobe Color

I went back and used elements from Week 1 assignment. (Logo, font, colors) Created a 1080 document with 3 pages and played around with a horizontal and vertical look. Then I flipped the colors around for the vertical look.

Social Media Ads

I think the 3rd ad is my favorite. it feels more simple and well put together. The first two have too many colors from the original color palette.

Final AD

Definitely feel some improvement with my InDesign skills.

Week 3 - Billboard

​Major improvements all around. I'm finally feeling like I'm getting a better flow with InDesign.

For this billboard, I began with a Tori Amos image. Uploaded the image to Adobe Color and built a color palette.

Adobe Color

I used some elements from the past exercise, but opted to trace the apple and use it as a way to separate the event date, time and location. I used a semi-circular shape to isolate Tori's picture from her name and event info on the left. I also used some stroke designs and weight for the 2 main event attractions.

I think I had the hardest time doing the skew in Photoshop. I only got the effect to work once with the shortcut. Had to apply it manually after I realized I had made a typo on the album title.

Final Billboard

Week 4 - Pamphlet

​Everything started with an image in Adobe Color. Unfortunately, ended up using a variation of color palettes. Was not too thrilled with my initial color selection.

original color palette

I also experimented with gradients and wasn't too impressed. Decided to go with a simple color background for the A Master page. I played with basic shapes, a circle and a square that i ended turning into a diagonal line for some dramatic effect. Also played with lines and opacity for some texturing.

I personalize pages 2 and 3 with images meeting Tori. The text copy was from the web. I also tried a rectangle in the back and a variation on the logo now on the left side. I definitely spent the most amount of time on this assignment. Very happy to finally have created a pamphlet.

Version 1.0

the preview

Version 2.0 (after feedback)

Changes to name font, sub-headers and gradient photo effect.

Here is my final link to the pamphlet.

Week 5 - Tori Amos Interactive Final

I struggled quite a bit with creating links that worked. Had to scrap the links and re-do them from scratch. I opted to have invisible boxes on top of the images for quick navigation. Not sure if there was some kind of issue there. In the video tutorial, we see text links applied to go to destination. I tried the same thing and it didn't work. The labels wouldn't stick at all. It kept replacing all the labels I added.

Menu screenshot with thumbnail navigation

I opted to create a visual tribute to Tori Amos with pictures from all the meet and greets I've been to throughout the years.

Most of the pre-planning was done on paper and in Photoshop. Navigational icons were traced in Illustrator. Text is from Wikipedia.

This has been a really helpful course. I would be keen to try more of the digital publishing interactive end. Maybe a course just on digital publishing?

​Here is a link to the assignment.

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