Le Chateau de la Chatonniere By natalle cawston and brianne arnold

The castle has a total of twelve gardens, all built at different times, but completed by 2010.
Le Chateau de la Chatonniere: 37190 Azay-Le-Rideau
Often in France, they refer to the castle as "Château et Jardins de La Chatonnière" because the gardens are such an important aspect of the area.
Garden of Intelligence (1998)
The Garden of Abundance is the most well known of all the gardens at the castle (2000)
Garden of Romance, Garden of Botanical Sciences
overview blue prints of the garden

Prices--Groups: Free visit; 7 euros per person (free for guide and driver); guided visit (100 euros for the group); adults- 8 euros; children- 4 euros

Opening days and hours: Gardens are opened every day from March 15th to November 15th, from 10:00am to 8:00pm, including bank holidays.

Courtyard aka garden of silence, castle view, garden of intelligence
In 1955, a man named Manuel Gonzalez de Andia y Talleyrand (Duke of Dino) fell in love with La Chatonniere and bought it. He fixed it up and raised his family there. However, his daughter, Beatrice de Andia, saw the real potential in it thirty years later and began creating the gardens, completing them in 2010.

The castle is filled with many relics that Manuel obtained from a late uncle of him who had gathered them from the Prince of Benevant as well as many other important figures in this time. The creator of the gardens has traveled to nearly 150 countries and through these, she came up with the names for the gardens.

While the castle is no longer inhabited, it is still owned by the family. The gardens are rented out by companies for different conventions and such. The inside is closed off to the public and no indoor pictures were able to be found. The castle is quite mysterious and auspicious as not much is known about its history prior to the current owners lineage. The gardens have always remained the focal point of the grounds.

The grounds provide services for different school activities and events such as musical performances and field trips.

Images of events held at the castle; the theater is known as Impertinence Theater
Garden of dance, garden of France
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