DTC #55: A Hipstar Is Born To gain your hipstar wings you must battle the depths of hipster glory.





Hang at the coolest tamale happy hour in town. That’s right, tamale happy hour.

Take a load off in Midwestern style digs with beers and a bite.

Rock out on the dance floor of a local venue with banging local shows.

The Bootleg Theater, although small and unassuming, holds performing arts, dance and most notably live music performances playing host to many big names like Arcade Fire, Childish Gambino, & Alt-J.
Stop 1

Tamale Happy Hour the way it should be

• 7:30pm to 8:30pm •

You easily miss the barely marked single door to Bar 1642 as you walk down the stretch of Temple St. that has been frequented on your drives to Echo Park. The single room old timey interior lends itself to the couple having a beer in the corner and your desire for that post work, end of the week hang. The single bartender pleasantly guides you through the chalked up beer list and wine options before serving you an unknown delight. He then guides you to the far end of the bar where you receive your free tamale. The next hard decision is to pick between the chicken or mole pockets wrapped perfectly for the taking. As you sip unknown beers and nipple on tamales you strike up a convo with the bartender and realize, you really like this place. After another drink and yet another tamale itll mark the time to head out cause the shows about to start.

Stop 2

Country vibes, cheap beer, and fried chicken

• 8:45pm to 10:00pm •

As you pass into the pleasantly cozy Crawford’s you cant help but feel like you’ve been transplanted to somewhere in northern Wisconsin. A few friends shoot pool while single guys sip beers under a canoe beyond the Buck Hunter game silently calling your name. You grab a seat at the bar before ordering a High Life and some hot peanuts. Settling in you wrap out with the bartender and decide to order some of their famous fried chicken. When it arrives you realize nothing can quite make this setting much better than the crispy goodness that lay in front of you. After a few beers and with all but bones looking you in the face it will mark your time to head out to your dessert, a live show.

Stop 3

local joint, local bands, local action

• 10pm til the encore •

The few minutes walk up to The Bootleg Theater is a welcomed warm up to the dance floor that awaits you on the next stop. After paying the front desk for your ticket you cruise around the funky open room wondering what is really going on. Once you realize the show and the bar is in the back room you head in to catch the scene for the night. Turning into the dark room you’re not only overcome with the sounds of the band but practically on the stage with them. Eventually you secure a beer in hand and rock out to the tunes of the night. At the break you sneak back into the main room and bust out a game of ping pong or a pro arm wrestling challenge. When the next band strikes up it’s time to hit the dance floor yet again or stick around and finish your game…one way or another it’s your night to rock out the way you want to.


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