Butterfly Rainforest Kahra Williams

Nature on Display: The Butterfly Rain Forest Exhibit at the Natural History Museum was by far my favorite exhibit. The way that they captured the natural life for the way a butterfly lives in its habitat was beautiful. From the construction and design of the exhibit itself, to the way that the landscaping was done was so nice to look at, and be around. Knowing that the exhibit handles nature the way it should; as is, is what caught my attention. When it rains, the exhibit receives rain. When it's hot or cold, they get the same treatment. From this exhibit, I learned what the natural living environment for a butterfly was. I found feeling at such peace in the exhibit made the visit so enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics: This exhibit gave me an overall sense of peace and relaxation. I found this exhibit to be fitting and great for all ages. While in the exhibit, I looked around and noticed that there were people of all ages, families of all types, and everyone seemed to be having a great experience. Watching how the butterflies moved through the museum was so fascinating to see and so beautiful to watch. Other people were taking pictures, smiling and looked to be having a great time. This visit did instill my appreciation for an ethical responsibility, it made me appreciate nature's natural beauty.

Nature and the Human Spirit: As Herschel stated, we do need to take a step outside our lives to experience the majesty of the universe. By visiting the Museum, we can do just that by reflecting not on the current events happening, but by reflecting and looking at history, art, and nature itself. These things make us appreciate and feel things differently than what we are used to doing in our ordinary lives.

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