Hi there, nice to meet you here's a little bit about me

I see you've stumbled upon my website I hope you like it!! I should tell you a little about myself, My name is Michael Rotiroti and I'm a photographer, cinematographer, retoucher, and basically anything else you need me to be!

I study photography at Endicott College and I'm currently a Junior (graduating in 2020!) I've spent the last three years refining and growing my photography skills as well as learning new ones (like graphic design and Video production).

Heres some humblebrags about myself, I've worked on countless projects with my professors. I've worked on a movie that was on The Discovery Channel (Sacred Cod). I won first place in last years Boston Press Photographers College Sports Contest! My short film "Kite NIght" made it into the Salem Film Festival this year, and I'm working on some extremely exciting projects coming up in the future. So keep checking back in to see what's up in my world.

Btw heres the Video... you should definitely watch it.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm extremely excited about what the future will bring and I can't wait to bring you all along for the ride. Whether its photo tips, stories, or goals I'm planning on posting it all on here.

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Michael Rotiroti

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