How Will Trumps Policies Change America: For Better or Worse?

By Andrew Badeski

After months of treacherous waiting for some Americans, was one of the most important and most interesting elections the United States has ever gone through. For some, Donald Trump's victory meant the start of something new, the chance for this nation to make some real changes and have real hope.

As we have all waited for the next president of the United States to be elected, those that were voting for Donald Trump had his Policies in mind. This probably included the wall. Trumps idea for the wall has caught the eyes of many Americans and he has based his entire campaign around it. He wanted to build a wall across the Mexican-American Border, keeping all of the undocumented immigrants out. Those that opposed Trump believed the wall was a waste of America's resources and time.

America was built on immigrants but some say we shouldn’t let as many into the country anymore. Foreign students make up up about 4 percent of every university in the US. Are they taking opportunities from American born students?

With new talk of good relations with Russia many believe that the threat of danger is gone. It will cause more harm than good. Others believe Trump has praised Putin for actions that should not be repeated.

In the aftermath of the election all the people that were scared to vote Trump came out and showed the world who they wanted for president. As the red hats came out, Trumps victory became something more. For others the loss of Hillary Clinton was the end of the world, no escape. For those people Trumps victory meant more than just another election. Protests aroused in the street, the cry for Clinton, the hatred for Trump. But what about the people who were neutral, who didn’t like either candidate. What do they think of the outcome? What do people have to say about the election?

Weeks after, our country has started to heal, but people beliefs have not changed. I went around Staples High School, asking what students had thought about Trumps victory. “Although I do not like either candidate I am still very surprised of the outcome. I really thought Hillary was going to win.” David Kalinowski, a fellow student at Staples, said. Another student who has celebrated Trumps victory, Alex Walton, said, “Trumps victory is a new beginning for America, a new start. We don’t need another politician ruining this country.” I wanted to get a range of views, a pro Clinton student, Eric Elias, said “It was a sad day, seeing each state turn red. I really thought Hillary was going to win. I mean she had been winning in every single poll before, how could she have lost?” Although there was a mix of beliefs among the students for who they wanted president, Staples students tended to be more towards Clinton.

People didn’t just like or hate Trump for no reason, I wanted to find out why people had their preferences about who they wanted for president. What about Trumps policies do people like or hate? A classmate, Matt Navon, shared a few words; “I am a Hillary supporter and I feel that Trumps policy for a wall across the Mexican border is crazy.” We already have a national debt of over $19 trillion, why would we spend more money on something America doesn’t need? Although we do have an issue with illegal immigrants, their are better ways to handle the situation than shutting Mexico out. We need to spend our money protecting the earth. There is no plan B, this is it, we need to protect it.” Trumps wall is estimated to cost, including labour, over $25 billion. That is nothing compared to the National debt, but it does at up, do you want to spend your money that way? There are many people that do. Ben Stein, a peer and a Trump Supporter, stated, “Trump's plan to build a wall will protect our country, we have too many illegal immigrants coming into this country and taking the jobs of hard working citizens. We are not blocking them out completely they will just have to come back legally. This wall will help prevent this issue, and I think we should spend our money on it.” Thoughts vary from student to student about this issue. What are some other issue that student feud on?

Trumps view on education also differs from student to student. Some students believe he will give more chances for the american people to go to college. Others believe it will take away from the acceptances of international students. Inside Higher Ed, an online database on schools and education, talked about what some Trumps policies would be considered if he got into office. The article stated, “Trump made a number of immigration-related policy proposals throughout his 17-month campaign that possibly implicates international students on visas and those enrolled in the DACA program.” Trump wants to limit the amount of international students coming into the country, this gives more opportunity to the American born students. Students around Staples had many views... Stein said, “This is a great policy because it gives more opportunity to the people already living in America. We need to focus on getting Americans in school first before we let outsiders take our spots. We have many students not going to college, we need to get everyone in America to college first.” Throughout the school, People opinions on this policy went flip flopped. Many were against it, but others say that we should continue allowing foreign students in our country. “That is an unfair policy, there are smart students all around the world who wouldn’t ever get the chance to show the world their intelligence. Most of Trumps policies involve shutting out people from America. This country is built off immigrants and we can’t abandon that now,” Kalinowski said. Trumps policy would cause many international students to be declined from entering the country to go to school but it does give more opportunity to the American people.

Many people are uncertain whether Trumps victory will cause Global Instability. Many people are worried that Trump will be close allies with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, who has threatened of Nuclear war, and taken over unsuspecting countries. “Look at Putin -- what he's doing with Russia -- I mean, you know, what's going on over there. I mean this guy has done -- whether you like him or don't like him -- he's doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period,” Trump stated to Larry King on CNN. Trump has also praised Putin on his intellect and how much respect he has for the Russian president. “Putin has big plans for Russia. He wants to edge out its neighbors so that Russia can dominate oil supplies to all of Europe. I respect Putin and Russians but cannot believe our leader (Obama) allows them to get away with so much...Hats off to the Russians.” Trump said. This has many Americans on edge. Some say that this is good news. Now that we can become close allies with Putin, there won’t be as large of a threat. An article from The New York Times, stated “Whether or not Donald J. Trump follows through on his campaign pledges to diminish or possibly abandon American commitments to security alliances such as NATO... That uncertainty puts pressure on allies and adversaries alike to position themselves, before Mr. Trump even takes office, for a world that could be on the verge of losing one of its longest-standing pillars of stability.” Trumps victory could cause complete chaos once he assumes office.

Students at Staples have many different views on each of Trumps policies. Many students say they will never accept any of his policies, some think the policies will make a real difference in this country. What do you think about his policies? Will they “Make America Great Again?” Or will they break this country down? How will his policies affect America, for better or worse.

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