Mary Wollstonecraft heaven Wright -- period 1

Mary Wollstonecraft lived during the time period of the enlightenment in the french nation. she eagerly believed that women needed an education to be vicious. She was a very strong writer, philosopher, and advocate of women's rights. During her career, she even wrote a few novels. But one thing was stuck in Mary's heart: women's equality. She knew that women should be doing way more than following up behind their husbands and children all day. Women should be able to read and not be scolded for it.

Though many people were on Mary's side, Including men, she had many other who were way against what she preached. Jean Jacques Rousseau was also committed to individual freedom but disagreed with Mary and said that a girl's education should mainly teach her how to only be a helpful wife and mother.. nothing else. Mary disagreed entirely. She published an essay called "A Vindication of the Rights of the Woman" in 1792 that told how wrong Rousseau was. She argued that women, like men, needed an education to be useful. She also urged women to enter the male-dominated fields like medicine and politics. In the end, all of her hard work was heard all over the world and Women's Rights Groups formed all over Europe and North America.

Now that mary had spoken her opinion, along with many other PERSUASIVE womem, they were changing history. old fashioned ways showed that women were to attend to their HUSBANDS and children at any given moment, cook, clean, and stay at home. Mary's new future told of how women should go to school, read, become doctors, political leaders, and do any and everything they dreamed of.

one of mary's famous quotes was "I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves" She means equality. Women dont have to be superior, Just equal. Women should have the same right as men: to be free to do one should be seen as anything less because they are a different gender.

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