Robin's Staff By:Kahmari Bacon

Robins staff is a unique staff. He uses it to fight for justice and stop criminals. He likes to try to impress batman . He loves his staff he says he.accually prefers a staff instead of a more than other weponds.

Robin is holding his staff

Robin is a side kick to batman but batman thinks robin should have a little more control to not kill but bruised is enemies.Batman trains robin to the best of his ability.Robin try's to follow batman teaching to control his self.Robins staff is his favorite weapons because he thinks he can fight crime with it,and control his self and his weapon better.Robin fight crime to save people and to stop evil,so that he will surpass batman and be a great crime fight.Robin prefers his staff because it can't seriously damage anyone.He uses his staff instead of guns because it won't hurt anyone badly but it hurts enough to do the job.

Their has been multiple robins each choosing or making their own staffs to fight justice and save those in need.

The 4 original robins include Dick Grayson ,Tim Drake ,Jason Tod, and Damian Waynae.

I am making a bo staff like the robins have So far I have found a stick.It still has most of the bark on.

I was trying to skin the stick then I skinned it and it was greenish and kind of slippery.

Afther a while the stick dried it was tougher and harder to cut.It is improving still but it is harder to cut now then when it was wet and green.eAlso the stick turned more yellow since it dried.

The little bump is on the left or curve is on the left.Also this shows that their is no more bark on the stick.

I've been trying to fix the curve on the stick.

I cut part of the end of the stick, also i sanded it down with sand paper
I sanded and cut the ccirve down a little more.
I cut the stick down anther relizeing it would be hard to straighten out that curve

I cut the stick because the curve would be hard to straighten out. The stick was to curved so I knew it would be to hard to straighten it so I just cu it to where the curve was.

The Stcik is still a little curved.
It messed up

I tried to change the color but it messed up.

The coated part looks cool.

I clear coded it then.

The clear coat made it a little weird..

The stick was clear coated afther I tried to put the black color on it.

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