There is somewhere thinking CRICKET. (It is called "Kourogi" in japanese.) He was thiking "why do I live,should I do."...
Monday,he was commuting for his nest... He was thinking why... Tuesday,he was also commuting for his nest... He was thinking why... Wednesday...Thuesday... On friday he was getting on a plane for a businesstrip.(This plane and businesstrip are for Cricket.) He went to some country.
This country is divided into the temperate zone and the ventilation zone.(This image is middle.) Besides, the rich gather in the temperate and the middle. Other side,the poor gather in the ventilation zone...
First,he went to his business connection. This place,he was said "Why don't you go sightseeing."
So,he went to the rich area. In this place, they worried about education. Because, it is necessary for their to be high education... This problem is same in modern society.
And, he went to the poor area. They were worried about scarce food and no job. Every country is facing the same problem.
He was thinking where is there happiness and freedom from worry. For the present, he talked to his business connection about the people. "I think the rich should have a wide perspective and give the poor opportunity." HE REQUESTED
Result in, he returned. He don't know the result.
One day, he watched News on TV about the country he had visited. The newscaster said "... developed to cooperate thanks to the rich and the poor." THE RICH give the poor the job,and THE POOR give labor force. After he listened to such a thing, he thought "Do I need to think all?"
He also thought "People do not need to worry. People ought to take action."

He started to be busy. He still be thinking, even on his deathbed...

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