Does My Head Looks Big In This? By: Randa Abdel-Fattah Review: Jakyra Green

A Summary of " Does My Head Look Big In This"

This novel, is about a young Australian-Palestinian girl named Amal. She is making the biggest decisions in her life. She is deciding on if she want to wear her hijab full time to her snobby prep school. As a young lady in high school as an Australian-Palestinian girl it was already hard on her. Her friends and parents was in the corner nervous but happy with what she decides to do. But was she really ready to take this negative that will coming her way ?

Who would this book be good for?

This book would be great for teenage girls. I would say teens because this book is dealing with kids that is in high school. But it would be good for younger kids to so it can show them it don't matter what people say about you just do what you want. I like this book because she didn't care that she had a different religion then the people in her school. She showed us that no mater what you wear you are beautiful as long as you believe in yourself. I also like that her friends was their to help her out since they wear theirs too. Another reason i like this book is because of how supportive her parents was even tho they were nervous for her. This book is just amazing it shows bravery.

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A/n Inspirational quote from the book.

“Sometimes it's easy to lose faith in people. And sometimes one act of kindness is all it takes to give you hope again.”― Randa Abdel-Fattah, Does My Head Look Big In This?

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