Ancient Africa Kingdoms Kari trimmer

50% of Ghana lies less than 499ft. above sea level. Coastline is low and sandy, backed by plains. Has a tropical rainforest belt. Many forested hills. 74.1% Christian and 17.5% Islam. European traders encouraged African slave hunters to attack neighboring tribes. 10 million enslaved people were transported. First of the trading empires. Located between the Sahara and Senegal and Niger rivers. There's not very much known about the early kings. First written references are of the geographers and historians. By 800 Ghana became rich and powerful. They extended political control. Began to decline around the 11th century. Spoke Soninke and Mande. Usually eat staple soup or stew. They have arranged marriages usually. Chiefs marry dozens of women. Has a population of 25.9 million people.

Mali has a lot of salt and gold. A desert like environment. Near Niger river. Manly Islam. One of the largest empires and was founded by Sundiata. History recorded by Arabic scholars. Manly consisted of small kingdoms. Eventually had a reign of bad rulers which led to the fall of Mali. Had many different ethic groups. Ate a lot of rice, cereals, and porridges. Suffered many droughts and rebellions. Had a rapid economic growth after the 1990's. Started a democracy. Has a population of 15.3 million people.

On the Niger river. Main religion is Islam. May - October weather is hot and wet. Weather from November - February is cold and dry. Crops are hard to farm. IT was the largest empire. Last of the three. Population of 4.5 million.

Mafungabusa plateau covers the majority of Zimbabwe. Main religion is Christianity. The empire was built by the Shana. They dance a lot and mostly speak Northern Ndebele. Current population of 14.15 million. Their currency is Euros.

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