Meet Holly #girlsintechkc

Not so much a fan of math? That’s NOT a good reason to rule out tech or computer science as a future career, says Holly Koenig.

And she should know. She earned her bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration/MIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has progressed from work as a software developer to her current role as a manager of software developer teams. And she accomplished all of this despite a lack of enthusiasm for math.

“I can attest; math was never my favorite subject, but I did love my programming classes” Holly says. “Do not correlate math strength or passion with your ability to succeed in this career field. And, software development is not all math and computer science; there is creativity and artistry in the UI and architectural designs as well.”

In her work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Holly combines information technology best practices with her passion for improving productivity and efficiency in people, systems and processes.

Outside work, Holly supports her two sons’ go-cart racing, makes homemade bath and body products, plays video games and reads.

Her advice for girls considering the field?

“Find a mentor or support system to encourage you as you are challenged or feeling discouraged. This can be a parent, a schoolmate, a professor or even someone in the workforce.”

For a list of programs in the Kansas City area where you can connect with professionals in the workforce, visit

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