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It’s with great excitement we write and share with you our newest undertaking, the revitalization of the original Patagonia Lumber Company (PLC) building. Arizona’s timber industry began during the late 1850’s, in an effort to provide lumber to the emerging mining development in the Tubac region and Santa Rita Mountains of southern Arizona. Established in 1913, the PLC was erected as a field office for what was the Arizona Timber Company. Now, in 2021, the Patagonia Lumber Company resurrects itself as a locally embraced cafe/beer and wine bar. The PLC’s mission will be to engage and incubate tourism opportunities for future economic growth and social renewal of Arizona’s wine country towns: Patagonia, Sonoita, and Elgin.

To finance the restoration and remodel of this adobe structure, we will be launching a self driven campaign, Wednesday May 26th, 2021. Our intent with this project is to re-establish the PLC’s pioneer spirit. Creating a space where sustainable land management, planning and development, and creative initiatives can be turned into reality. Your support and willingness to promote this effort will directly affect its success and call on our communal responsibility to maintain the many ecosystems we so cherish.

Once live, we’ll have 36 days to raise $100,000. The funds will allow us to renovate the PLC and rekindle its heritage. In addition, we will be donating 10% of funds raised into The Patagonia Trails Project; a sky island’s initiative to improve and further develop trail connectivity in the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains. We welcome our stewards and donors as both passionate and committed. Ready to get their hands dirty in the sustainable dreams of moderate growth, invigorated land use, community outreach, and needed vision making. May the renewed PLC be that place that sparks tomorrow’s prairie fire of unbridled hopes and endless trails.

For those who choose to pledge, our collective stewardship dollars will boldly empower the forward progress we’re making as an economic engine in southern Arizona. We encourage those interested in learning more to reach out. Now is the time for inspired outdoor recreational planning, and as a result this environmentally diverse campaign will accomplish its goals.

We’re grateful for your friendship and awareness of our campaigns implications on the land. Our campaign details are attached below, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

With huge hearts and full glasses,

Heidi and Zander Ault

The Patagonia Lumber Company: a small bar with HUGE goals.

We're honored to have you review our campaign and consider making a pledge towards its success. Thank you!

Join us on this fundraising journey to help us achieve these goals:

  1. Finance the revitalization of the original Patagonia Lumber Company building in downtown Patagonia, Arizona.
  2. Raise the start up capital for Patagonia's newest non profit, the Patagonia Trails Project. (501c3 status pending)

Campaign fundraising goal: $100,000.00

Pledge time period: 36 days - May 26th - June 30th, 2021

Campaign goes LIVE, Wednesday May 26th, 2021

Financial Breakdown:

  • $65,000 - supplies needed for PLC restoration
  • $25,000 - labor costs
  • $10,000 - donation to the Patagonia Trails Project

10% of proceeds raised during this campaign will fund the Patagonia Trails Project (501c3 status pending). The future of Patagonia's trails and outdoor recreational economy.

Example: If we raise our goal of $100,000, Patagonia Trails Project receives $10,000 in start up capital!

Patagonia Lumber Company (PLC): www.patagonialumberco.com

Mission: The PLC is a cafe, beer and wine bar. Our objective is to serve our community and surrounding landscape in order to engage and incubate tourism opportunities for future economic growth and social renewal of Arizona's wine country towns: Patagonia, Sonoita, and Elgin.

Vision: The PLC will actively work towards the growth and development of Patagonia's outdoor recreational economy. A business dedicated to creating a space where sustainable land management, planning and development, and creative initiatives can be turned into reality. We will do this in 3 ways:

  1. Offer Arizona's growing wine & beer industry a collaborative space to embrace residents and visitors throughout the year in downtown Patagonia.
  2. House the Patagonia Trails Project and the organization's needs to further its goals of providing better connectivity of trails and future trail installments in and around Patagonia.
  3. Open our doors to southern Arizona's land management agencies: Coronado National Forest, Arizona Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and regional non-profit organizations and private entities who require the space to meet and organize future environmental and/or conservation based programs.

Patagonia Trails Project (501c3 pending): www.patagoniatrailsproject.org

"A sky island’s initiative to improve and further develop trail connectivity in the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains."

Mission: Increase the recreational opportunities for the people of Patagonia and its visitors through an extensive, accessible non-motorized, multi-use trail system.

Vision: Establish and develop an interconnected trail network that provides ecological, economic and social benefits to the community of Patagonia. This will be done in 3 ways:

  1. Create an extensive multi-use trail network that's accessible to a variety of non-motorized activities including: hiking, birding, horseback riding, trail running and cycling.
  2. Orchestrate seasonal environmental education programs for grade school, high school and higher level scholarships for youth and adults.
  3. Schedule a shared/exclusive-use weekly calendar, ie. 2 days a week are no cycling/horse travel for birdwatching purposes.

We've created this campaign for these reasons:

  • Revitalize & restore the Patagonia Lumber Company building (est. 1913)
  • Resurrect the Patagonia Lumber Company into a space where we can engage and incubate tourism opportunities for future economic growth and social renewal of Arizona’s wine country towns: Patagonia, Sonoita, and Elgin.
  • Strengthen our existing partnership with the Town of Patagonia to improve its financial sustainability for future generations.
  • Manage the responsibility for Patagonia’s increase in outdoor related tourism: cycling, trail running, hiking, birding, bike packing.
  • Provide a gathering place for residents and visitors to enjoy Patagonia's downtown, Arizona's craft beer/wine industry, and have easy access to regional maps/gravel cycling information/outdoor related resources.
  • Provide residents and visitors access to bike mechanics, parts, supplies and resources for gravel and road cycling, bike packing and privately guided cycling tours.
  • Increase Patagonia's dining options through weekly food trucks, Friday-Sunday.
  • Offer an outdoor live music venue for local and regional bands. Once a month, Friday-Sunday.
  • Offer Arizona Trail (AZT) thru hikers a destination to send their personal items ahead of time during their adventure.
  • Create one more reason for people to travel to Patagonia and experience it's beautiful, relaxed and kind way of life.

HISTORY: Originally built in 1913, the Patagonia Lumber Company building was a field office for the Arizona Timber Company, based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Arizona's timber industry began during the 1850's, in order to supply lumber to emerging mining operations in the Tubac region and Santa Rita Mountains. Now, in 2021, it will become a regional hub for residents and visitors alike. Restoring life to a historical building, Patagonia's downtown sector and a way of life dating back 170 years.

BACKSTORY: We are Heidi and Zander Ault. Founders of The Cyclist's Menu, and The Spirit World 100: Patagonia's gravel road cycling event. We first explored the Patagonia region in 2015. It was during that trip that we discovered the San Rafael Valley (12 miles east of Patagonia). It's 90,000 acre expanse stole our hearts and since has provided us the means to make an honest living off the land. In partnership with the Coronado National Forest, The Cyclist's Menu offers seasonal gravel cycling camps, while The Spirit World 100 operates under a special use permit to host an annual gravel cycling festival during the first weekend of November.

Over the course of the past 6 years, we've watched Patagonia's access to world class gravel cycling routes bring more and more visitors each year. When The Spirit World 100 launched in 2019 with 125 registered riders, the press it received bumped cycling tourism a little higher, and a litter higher. Cycling related tourism is attributing to noticeable financial increases in our local economy. The Patagonia Lumber Company will continue this growth, by creating a place to stop, learn, discover new pathways, and enjoy Arizona produced coffee, wine and beer. Your pledge directly associates yourself to this growth, development and sustainable change for Patagonia's future. We can't wait to see you soon!

THE OPPORTUNITY: A lifelong Patagonia resident approached us, asking if we had any advice as to what to do with a commercial property he owned downtown. He stated how impressed he was with the noticeable increase in visitors who've come to Patagonia to ride the gravel roads, and our affiliation with that growth. We were honored anyone even noticed, let alone found the time to ask for our opinion on how to best stay out in front of this new tourism draw. When we found out the location was the original Patagonia Lumber Company building, we knew we couldn't turn down the opportunity to create something new, something out of the ordinary. In 2021, the Patagonia Lumber Company will reignite Patagonia's past, connecting residents and visitors to our immense landscape through offering a hub for outdoor related resources of all kinds.

THE CAFE/BEER & WINE BAR: The Patagonia Lumber Company will focus heavily on Arizona made products including but not limited too: coffee, wine, craft beer, non-alcoholic beverages, maps, travel & gravel cycling guides, and an array of curated retail items portraying the artisans who call the desert southwest home. Our remodel will restore some original attributes of the building while making improvements to create an interactive inside/outside bar space. It's our goal to establish the Patagonia Lumber Company as the regions launch pad for adventure, environmental education, music and the arts, and social interactions; bridging the gap from the mountains to our quaint downtown. Cheers!

At this moment the Patagonia Lumber Company is entering its complete remodel and renovation phase. We're not only restoring specific aspects of this adobe building, we're remodeling it to achieve the desired results to offer the best social atmosphere we can, with the space available.

*** This campaign will provide the funding needed to do this work, while allowing The Patagonia Lumber Company to purchase the hardware and accessories needed to create a fully operating cafe/beer and wine bar.

3D images of the Patagonia Lumber Company

We’re grateful for the opportunity and challenges this campaign is offering us. The road ahead is steep and windy. However, the view from the top will be worth the climb. More than anything else, we care deeply about making a lasting impact on Patagonia’s wild landscape. The San Rafael Valley and its surrounding public and private lands have given us the ability to make a living. It’s our responsibility to foster the future growth and sustainable development of these lands for future generations; an ethos our parents have embraced our entire lives. One we now get to carry out and work towards in our own way.

This campaign is unique in its ability to do two things: Revitalize one of Patagonia's oldest buildings, while providing the funds necessary to give birth to the Patagonia Trails Project. As a result, those who choose to pledge will be given the opportunity to watch their financial contribution directly effect how 2 organizations can work intrinsically together for one purpose; powerful community development. We’re all a part of America's outdoor recreational economy, because of this, we're all capable of making an impact on our public lands. In the process, Patagonia's immediate ecosystem will not only become more accessible in partnership with the Patagonia Trails Project; the future connectivity of multi-use, non motorized trails will lead to better conservation efforts, a stronger association to this landscape, and thoughtfully managed open space through projects like this one. Thank you for reviewing our campaign details. We greatly appreciate your time and understand the value your impact has on the success of this project. See you in Patagonia!

Teeth to the wind,

Heidi and Zander Ault


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